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By Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter

Throughout human history there have been legends and myth about visitors from other worlds. In ancient times such visitors were called angels, archangels. ET’s and gods. It is important for us to understand that this phenomenon is not new but has been part of human culture from the beginning. Other world visitors have its roots in interdimensional scientific laws of physics, as well as spiritual experiences. Angelic visitors are not fictional characters emerging from the human psyche; they are biological beings that emerge into our world from different matter densities that is an inherent part of a multi dimensional universe that we live in.

viewIn H.P Blavatsky’s book The Voice of the Silence, the secret fire of the Alchemists is described as kundalini, the “serpentine” or annular working power in the body of those trained in these arts. “It is an electric fiery occult or fahatic power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter”.

Let’s start with the clue about gold. “…I am a soul… I am a star of gold…” Osiris, the Pharaoh announces in the Pyramid Texts, Line 886-9

The soul “sa”, has a precise meaning. It is the wave nature, the flow of the breath, of the spirit, the khu. The Hebrew word Ruach, breath or spirit, preserves this meaning. In Genesis, we are told that God’s breath, “His Ruach” moved across the waters of chaos to begin the process of creation.

The sages of An (Sun Gods of the Sumerians- the Gods who had coherent DNA field effects to go through the Sun) would have agreed, saying that RA (a Sun God) put forth his sakhu (the breath envelope of the soul) as he rose from the waters of Nun (the primeval waters from which life arose, out of which we must emerge to survive death).

Therefore, the king is declaring that he has entered the state of being called “soul,” a state where the flow of spirit is self-sustaining, self-referencing and self-aware. To be such a soul is to have the possibility of immortality. He reinforces this by declaring that he has become “a star of gold.”

This also has a very precise meaning. One of the deepest held secrets of the Egyptian mysteries was how to rearrange the Nuit Star, (painted on Egyptian coffins - her outstretched arms are to embrace the deceased) which has five lines pointing out from a common center, into a interlocked pentagram, the same five lines crossing around the common center to create an infinite nest of Phi ratios.

To the Egyptian sages, this symbolized the Light of the Horus’s “current”, which is a biological charge flame (the famous Blue Flame experienced and measurable in Bliss and peak experiences), which is released from the pineal gland.

drummingThe Pythagoreans claimed that the pentagram was the perfect symbol of humanity, and that its extension into space, the Gnostic “light in extension” of the dodecahedron, was the ultimate symbol of spirit. The crystalline form of DNA actually forms a dodecahedron.

Just as the pentagram is a nest of phi ratio recursion, gold, by its atomic geometry, is the most fractally recursive element. The planet then is the vessel or container for the unfoldment of The Cosmic Serpent of DNA, “living in water and emitting photons, like an aquatic dragon spitting fire,” as Jeremy Narby (famous author of the Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge- a shamanic guide) described it.

So the newly dead king’s statement can now be read as: “I am a self-sustaining, self-aware being, whose fractality, inside and out, is as infinite as the perfect shape of gold.

Suddenly, we are on a different level of understanding. With a flash, we see that the Egyptians were not just superstitious priests worshipping the sky out of ignorance; they were spiritual scientists with deep insight into the nature of reality and the physics of immortality.

From the Tibetan Buddhist tradition comes many examples of the latter use of this implosive soul force. Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century CE, is said to have attained his diamond body in the Asura Cave in Nepal after three years of tantric meditations. Something happened in that cave; the whole hillside is still pervaded with an astral intensity strong enough to grow an image of Tara, the Tibetan Isis, out of solid rock. Padmasambhava himself demonstrated the power of this transformation by melting the rock of the cave wall and pressing his hand into it like Clark Gable in wet cement on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Pharaoh then, as he began his journey to the star fields, should be seen as a kind of Boddhisatva, an enlightened being making a leap of evolution. The Pharaoh would, in theory, have completed a tantric-type compassion realization and then perhaps used a trace of “alchemical” gold to crystallize the process.

Done properly, this would result in an enlightened being capable of compassionately inhabiting a newly born star. If this flash is done consciously, with full mindfulness all the way down the level of the DNA, then the “Diamond Body of Light” becomes stable and perhaps even tangible and navigable

To be a star you have to make gravity (centering fractal attractive force) for yourself in your own heart. When the DNA implodes with the hearts sonic ponytail (braiding algorhythmn) embedding makes the gravity we use to slingshot ourselves from heart to plane to the sun to the stars.

teachingJohn Dee learned most of the languages of Earth, and then said he needs to understand true Angel language. An Ophanim Angel knocked on his window, handed him of grey green magnetic stone sphere. This egg Ophanic communication device is still in the British museum today. They are useful for organizing the magnetism of glands and optical cortex hologram to enable shamanic star penetrance.

Careful examination of the surviving manuscripts indicates that there is a pattern and coherence to the entire Ophanic opus. The pattern points to sacred geometry as the key to the puzzle. The Pyramid Texts, mankind's oldest religious writings, frozen, like an ant in amber; these inscriptions record the definitive expression of an ancient star religion, whose beliefs included the translation of the dead king into a star in the constellation of Orion.

Whether we consider these ancient sages as part of the lost prehistory of the human race or as visitors from another star system, the ruins and traces they left behind demonstrate their interest in gold mining and processing. Zacharia Sitchin, (Earth Chronicles) in his extensive revisioning of the Babylonian myths, has suggested that these alien visitors (Sumerian Gods-Anunaki) were mining gold to help repair a damaged atmosphere on their home planet.

The fractal quality of gold would help increase the gravity of a planet and therefore help hold an atmosphere, but even ionized throughout the planet's surface, it hard to see how even tons of gold would help. Yet, the ancient civilization, as shown by Graham Hancock in Fingerprints of the Gods, was certainly deeply concerned with mining and processing gold.

If the use of alchemical gold, (alchemy, remember, comes from Al Khem, the black land of Egypt) as a technological way to attain immortality suggests that embedding recursion into the blood, into the DNA, is the key, then there must be non-technological ways to produce the same effect. Dan Winter suggests that the use of alchemical gold produces a Borg-like collective consciousness, but does not facilitate the development of a soul, becoming in the end a materialist dead-end. The Pharaoh did not become a soul by eating alchemical gold alone; he underwent another, internal, process to become a star of gold, a soul inhabiting a stellar matrix in the heart of Orion.

Dan Winter demonstrated that the heart's ECG rhythm embeds Phi ratios at the moment of compassion and expressing love. He has speculated that coherent heart rhythms could braid immunity into the cell at the level of its DNA structure, confirming that fractal immune identity is a possible solution to chronic illness. Perfect fractality, perfect coherence and self-awareness produces perfect immunity, or near immortality of the body.

The Pharaoh then, as he began his journey to the star fields, should be seen as a kind of Boddhisatva, an enlightened being making a leap of evolution. The Pharaoh would, in theory, have completed the tantric-type compassion realization and then perhaps used a trace of alchemical gold to crystallize the process. Done properly, this would result in a compassionate, enlightened being capable of compassionately inhabiting a newly born star.

As Nuit declared in the first section of the Book of the Law: "Every man and every woman is a star."