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About Alchemy

Throughout the Ages, humanities experience with the ‘elements of nature’ have deeply fascinated us, and for some, hold the secrets of transformation and Universal meaning. Alchemy was chiefly concerned with transmutation of metals into gold and the finding of a universal remedy for diseases...a pouring together...of all the known science and mythology of each age.

There are many interpretations of this field of endeavor available today, each depicting slightly different stages, signs, and words describing them. It is a vast mythological system of symbols and metaphors, beings and stories, geometries and diagrams, elements and heavenly bodies, designed to represent aspects of the human psyche and spirit, as well as provide guidance towards the nature of the Universe.

The fundamental events or qualities/states of being or becoming in Western Alchemy are: blackening, whitening, yellowing and reddening. This corresponds to the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. This also corresponds to the four qualities: cold, hot, moist, and dry. Through the process of using mercury, sulphur, water, and fire, all in a ritualized fashion, the artifex - the student can achieve transmutation of the elements; through dissolution, coagulation, distillation, condensation, disintegration and bonding. Alchemy was the forerunner of chemistry. That’s why some of the most beautiful glass artworks are made in the Czech Republic and the Catherals of France!

The working with gold in Egypt was assigned to a priestly class centered in the temple of the god Ptah at Memphis. Ptah was the patron of smelters and goldsmiths, his temple was "goldsmithy," and his priests were distinguished by such titles as "Great Wielder of the Hammer," and "He who knows the Secret of the Goldsmiths."

Pythagoras stated that quadernity defines the spectrum of possibilities in the physical world. Aristotle posed the fifth element, the quintessence. The alchemists were seeking to bring this fifth element down to Earth, through the repeated transmutations of matter. The Gold that was sought however was not always the material gold. To observe the alchemical process is to observe the process of creation itself, and to thus learn the secrets of divine genesis. Alchemy was a process reveling a way of giving enlightenment to the soul.

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