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Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, John Dee and 'Calling the Angels"

Hebrew unpacks only into a cube-octahedron, a truncation of a cubed octahedron. This "dymaxion" shape allows the surface of a sphere to map accurately onto 2 dimensions. The Ophanic language unpacks outward into higher dimensions. The dodecahedron forms the transitional stage, a blend of Hebrew and Ophanic, while the higher unpacking of the hyper-cube forms the 24-cell 4D figure, which contains the 3D structure of both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

treeThe Ophanim delivered to Dr. Dee and Edward Kelly a complex system of magickal science that is both inclusive and inter-dimensional. It seems to function as a computer system, and composed of geometrical shapes and frequency matrices. It is impossible to go very far in understanding the Ophanic material without coming to the conclusion that this is proof of contact with a higher level of intelligence.

Basic symmetry set alignment and dimensional projection of geometric forms are accomplished by the Hebrew language operations. The Hypercube, and its dual the 16-cell, become the basic building block of the entire structure. The combination of Hebrew and Ophanic produce the dodecahedron of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. The faces of this dodecahedron become the twelve gates through which the Elemental Tablets, the Aethyrs and the Governors are organized. The dodeca also organizes the 7/5 spin imparted by the Sigil of Truth and the phi ratios of the Holy Tablet. The Tablet of Union forms the icosahedron that contains, or unifies, the other forms.

Without the geometric unification of the Tablet of Nalvage, the structure of the system is incomplete. It will function on its own, storing and processing information, performing operations and running programs, but without the 4D unification of the 24-cell, the Tablet, it cannot communicate with other such systems. Once this up-link is achieved, then operations concerning the Governors or the Good Angels can be directed from galactic central.

The Sigil of Truth also functioned as a geometric foundation on which the rest of the angelic system grew. Around the outer edge of the Sigil is a series of letters and numbers. From these, the angels derived a series of great elemental names, which were said to describe the forces ruling each elemental tablet. The names of the angelic beings within the heptagon/heptagram were transmitted in the form of letters arranged in squares. These squares were then read in different directions to produce even more angelic names. This gives the impression of a vast fractal universe in which the nature of the intelligence consulted depends on the symmetry angle of your approach.

peopleDee was excited about a book, the "Steganographica" of Trithemius, the Abbot of Sponheim. He spent ten days copying a manuscript of this work and crowed to Sir William about its value. The "Steganographica" appears to be a textbook on codes and ciphers, all very valuable to spies and intelligence networks, but is really a hermetic text on angelic communication. Designed so that the codes and ciphers described in the first section of the book must be used to read the second section on angelic magick, Trithemius' masterpiece works like our modern interactive games. The reader has absorbed the mind-set or world view of the book by the time the important information is reached.

In the winter of 1564, he wrote The "Monas Hieroglyphica" in one long twelve day explosion of insight. In spite of its intentional obscurity, the "Monas Hieroglyphica" became the renaissance equivalent of a best seller and attracted comment from the best minds of the next century and a half.

At the center of the work is a talismanic diagram that resembles the astrological symbol for Mercury, but with some significant changes. From this symbol, Dee extrapolated a complex system of mystical geometry, which he thought embodied the underlying unity, or monas, of the universe. However, having no desire for a heresy charge, Dee left the application of this universal symbology rather vague.

His readers, who knew the code and could understand the meaning and implied practical applications, made Dee's work into one of the cornerstones of Alchemy. They thought that Dee had discovered a universal symbol that, when engraved in the psyche, would allow man to experience the gnostic revelation. This revelation, in which all knowledge -- gnosis -- was received, then allowed one to operate as a lens or focus for spiritual activity. We can think of this idea as the basic definition of a shaman or a magician.

The texts which Kelly generated from the tables shown to him by the angels resemble the vast literary mandalas of Tibet, and like them are full of phonetic patterning, repetition, rhyme and alliteration. This type of verbal patterning is not found in normal speech, but is characteristic of poetry and magickal charms as well as "speaking in tongues," or glossolalia, that is language produced under trance conditions.

What are we to make of all this? From the evidence of Egypt, we have speculated that our use of language and our ability to visualize complex forms, such as letters and glyphs, allows our thoughts to attain a degree of coherence. Dee's "Radical Truths" demonstrates that these precepts survived the millennia, perhaps as the secret intellectual property of some descendent of the Ra Cult. Dee revealed much of the secret in his "Monas Hieroglyphica," as if to say to the world, or other worlds, "Here it is, we still remember."

Comments from Dan Winter

churchRobert MorningSky describing in detail the difference between the great Angelic "Aku" vs "Dracu" forces in spiritual history - the Aku translate to "bird tribe, " Ophanim", a lineage focused on the use of spiritual power of the mind and visualization. The Ophanim appear to be the inspirers of the great body of the bird shape in the Templar Cathedra Zodiac landscape. The Aperture from Sirius to Orion in the transmigration of souls, being again the magnetic issue.

The Dracu translate to Draconian, Reptilian, Setian, forces focused on technological and mechanical evolution, generally associated with control by fear and aggression.

The politics as described by Morningsky, were of an alliance between a more rebellious Sirian Prince geneticist and the Aku- Bird Tribes. The undertow was of a seed to a genepool which could link the heavy emotions and passion of the Reptilian/Draconian, with the high spiritual intention of the Bird Tribes. The result could be a species able to use powerful Serpent Force emotions, in the service of Angelic creation directly. Up to this point, in a sense, we have high spiritual beings, with limited leverage into matter. The human experiment created the possibility of human nervous sytems and emotions, with feeling bodies capable of bending galaxies.

Angelic communication apparently has the pure principle of symmetry operations based on recursion. This would be our way of embedding our lives inside their waveform. According to Vincent, the Ophanim need to know that we have attempted to speak their language. The symbol set they have given us is the Enochian keys. The wave guide shapes of the Enochian alphabet are reminiscent of the black hole geometries which Bentov saw as the cookie cutters aligning the eddies within which galaxies were created (in his Cosmic Book). Their name and shape and waveguide in principle were all one.

The heart of the Enochian script seems to be this pent (5) inside a 7 spin. This is clearly the 5 cube hypercube in the seven spin tetra inside icosa. The five spin space of the Hypercube/dodeca nests in the seven spin of the Heart muscle, based on the 7 spins of the tetra, note parallel to Enochian

John Dee could not or would not shake our world by practicing the Enochian he was taught. Apocalyse awaited. Now with Apocalyse apparently here, the time for "calling all angels" may well be at hand.

Dan and Val at pianoThe nature of the Enochian intelligences is an important question. They are, at the most inclusive level, the seven symmetry angles, or angels, of the tetrahedronal quark from which the universe around us is formed. Along with these are the four sub-atomic fields of operation, which we call for convenience the elemental forces. These "beings" are far beyond our comprehension, as pure being. We grip them by their "names" or descriptive titles. Enochian not only supplies powerfully descriptive "names," it supplies a framework through which their operation in the lower worlds, the worlds below the realm of pure being, can be charted. These charts, or hardware chips, are the Four Watchtowers and the Tablet of Union. In these matrices, the forces are personalized and symbolizes so that an operator can steer their consciousness, much like the help balloons or other icons help us navigate our computer systems. These "beings" are what the Tibetans call self-generated, that is they function and exist separate from the individual but they are activated, or animated, only when another mind is present. The deities said to reside the Kalichakra mandala are similar types of self-generated beings. In fact, there are many connections between the Enochian system and the Kalichakra.

What if a higher form of intelligence contacted humanity 400 years ago with the specific language that would allow us to embed our intentionality into the on-coming plasma storm of the galactic superwave?

The Ophanic or Angelic language, also known as Enochian in the broader sense, was transmitted to Dr. John Dee and his medium Sir Edward Kelley in a series of sessions from 1582 to 1589. Forming the core of several obscure magical traditions and societies in the subsequent centuries, Ophanic or Enochian remains one of the most obscure of the western mysteries, and one of the most misunderstood.

Recently, through the work of Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter, the application of higher dimensional geometries has made it possible for us to see the complex system as a whole, and in a way that Dee and Kelley never could.