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Dan Winter's Scientific Understanding of The Meaning of The Holy Grail

Discover the cutting edge of "cosmic physics".

teachingPhysics has long spoken of the symmetry that would unify electric fields with gravity as the Holy Grail of physics. This unified field would lead to successful Fusion. Einstein understood that this symmetry connecting charge to gravity was infinite non-destructive collapse. Unfortunately for Einstein, he could not have known about fractals in his lifetime. From physics we understand that the only infinite compression is fractal. Today it is therefore a simple logical conclusion that a charge arranged in a fractal will produce gravity.

We have shown extensively that the Golden Mean ratio is key to fractality in 2D as well as in higher dimensions. The physics producing a solution to Einstein's dying dilemma of infinite non-destructive compression have led Europe's leading Fusion scientists to develop a model for the gravity code - i.e., the Holy Grail of physics. The exciting part is seeing how this charge compression potentially creates fusion and communion of memory in BLOOD. This introduces a true scientific basis to understand literally - the REAL grail in the bloodline: the fractal fountain of charge fusion in DNA. Mag(da)len - literally means that Mother of Fire (Ag) in the blood.

lunch on the roadHow and why did the Holy Grail come to be located in the South of France? Why were Rennes-le-Chateau and all the regional magnetics profoundly manipulated to be five-sided? How does this compression symmetry create fertility and biologic vitality, feed DNA, and ultimately enable bliss and lucid dreaming? How and why did the ancient Celts arrange the Dolmen in this format - the only geometry that could feed their blood? We will discuss Boudet's text on the origin of the Celtic language, and the importance of symmetry to this ancient language of the blood.

We will learn how the charge compression of the sacred sites that we visit can be measured and observed to cause our blood to electrically "sing": the real SanGraal. Moreover, we will discuss how this becomes the measurable origin of life force. From here we will introduce the blood survival symmetry knowledge of the ancient Dragon cultures (Celtic and Annunaki), which planted these Dolmen and attracted the Black (Rigelian) Madonna story.

This epic retelling of the real history of genes on Earth has become a growing hallmark of the advanced courses within the Sacred Geometry world tours. The telling of this story is gripping - and always evokes more excitement than we can handle. Whether it's Jedi Knights checking for chloridians (implosion) in the blood, or Montauk checking for Boson Seven in DNA harmonics, or Tolkien checking to see if the Finnish/Draconic alphabet has produced the Lord of the Ring, the message is the same. The dynamics of your blood and its ability to receive charge in a fractal - the Holy Grail - will determine if you become (toroidal DNA) i.e. a  "Lord of the Ring"