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WHY They Are Called "Whirling Ones" - Angel Alphabets

by Dan Winter

Vincent has been a leader in Ophanim and Angelic Alphabets in the several decades I have known him. As an electrical engineer myself- from the beginning I was always intrigued with his discoveries about the profound symmetry and deep pattern geometry 'embedded' in this seeming science behind calling Angels. When I accompanied him doing Enochian calls- thousands of miles apart- we invariably saw and felt responses which were 'big waves' - whether it was clouds or storms or big effects on the groups who practiced this 'language of the Gods'.

waterFrom a scientific perspective - the only way we can account for these observations is to suggest- we must be in the presence of a force which attracts and shapes very long waves of charge or plasma- rather like noticing that something 'in the plasma or ambient charge presence' has attracted and given direction to a 'very large tornado'. String theory, wormholes, and vortex theory in the plasma physics of the quantum field- all suggest a unifying conclusion- in effect physics is nothing but tornados of this so called universal 'plasma' - and if something (Ophanim symmetry?) can steer this one tornado principle- it then would have the power to steer and direct everything in physics!

The simple truth is now approaching overwhelming acceptance in the physics community: the shape of ancient Gods and their bodies is rather well described in the way plasma bodies form among stars. For example the film "Thunderbolts of the Gods" describes how interstellar plasma bodies and dynamics literally fit the description of God in many traditions. Try a google search on "plasma universe" - you will see pretty much no scientist today would deny that plasma has a body, and that spiritual ideas about divine Gods pointed rather well to living and apparently self organizing (self aware?) plasma fields the scale of stars.

In physics- plasma comprises 99.99 percent of the universe. Plasma is essentially a cloud made of charge. Charge is a name for the compressible inertia storing waves of compression (negative charge) and rarefaction (positive charge) 'jello' or ether of the unified field. Most people understand this concept rather appropriately as the concept Yin vs Yang - but it also applies directly to all of physics.

The primal principle at issue- is to understand what it is that holds that body of charge (God or 'an angel') - together. Today - unlike in the time of Einstein - we do have an answer. Because we now know that golden ratio fractality- is the cause of gravity and all centripedal forces - we can begin to understand HOW it is that these 'angels' in fact HAVE bodies.

Angels (and people ) get a (plasma or aura) body when their field effect becomes centripedal- that is to say begins to implode and attract toward center. Angel ALPHABETS appear to be shadows of field effects whose VORTEX SHADOW ANGLE- or symmetry elements allows them to fuse implosively (centripedally). It is simply a certain series of donuts or vortex that learn how to approach each other at the right angle to implode and 'make a heart' (fractal center). ( Note how John McGovern- apparently now able to translate most any rock petroglyph globally- calls these ancient alphabet letters: "Plasma Residues". He is the chief science co-author with Tony Peratt- Los Alamos plasma physics- on the plasma storm / vs Whaledreamer- article: )

teachingThe actual process of learning the symmetry operations which embed in ANGEL BODIES- is quite a syntax to learn- but VERY expanding to the aura. By learning the magic and physics of plasma beings that inhabit stars- we wake up inside a MUCH bigger dreamspell.. We expand the coherence of the BA (superluminal portion of our bio-plasma) squeezed like a seed from the husk of the KA (immediate coherence of our aura-as 'boat to the underworld'). Plus we gain the angelic evolution and satisfaction of learning to steer (by embedding in) VERY large tornados- tornados who are lonely until we sit at their wheel. In the same way - we recognize potential loving intelligence we find in the centripedal plasma fields of nature and the plant kingdom called elementals and nature spirits- when we see the intelligence of living plasma on a stellar scale- we must come to realize how much love and mind is also present there... if we are to qualify like them to learn to inhabit stars - with our aura. This is the so called status of becoming SUN GODS so revered by our ancestors.

What the Ophanim/Enochian alphabet (plasma residues of implosion into angel bodies) tried to teach us was just that: how to get our aura into plasma bodies the size of stars. This is nicely reflected in how the Ophanim characters were used to make the STARGATE movie.

Physics now can well describe what a "Stargate" is. It is a charge field which has become implosive or centripedal due to golden ratio fractality (taught at  The elements of the field (toroid donuts of charge) which assemble to make such charge compression - in a constructive way among waves - is called FRACTAL.

If we examine how electric fields, especially - living plasma from biology - what you call your AURA- - create that kind of self organizing centripedal force- we arrive at the symmetry of the dodecahedron - which embeds directly from the HYPERCUBE- which Vincent Bridges discovered in the pattern within the OPHANIM alphabet symbols.

To make the long physics story really short, by showing us the angular or symmetry elements to embed our auras or plasma into stellar plasma fields - (black holes) - these angelic beings were showing us how to merge our bodies into theirs.

churchWhy do they want us to merge with them? We are the substance- biologic life force plasma which eventually is the seed for the body they need to become. Or -to put it another way, somebody has to grow up big enough to be the plasma holding not just elemental kingdoms together, but eventually to be the plasma which holds stars together!

Angelic stories are romantic and full of love (perfect embedding) - and it is my suggestion that one of the best ways to see the love and pure intention in these angel stories - is to use pure physics. The symmetry ingredients of life itself are embedded in these ancient 'angelic calls'. At this time when the Sun's plasma MAY toast our fragile little planet- it seems like a good time to learn how to whisper to that tornado.

Angelic alphabets call our DNA to embed in longer waves and bigger tornados- our plasma fields into the stars… when we see the intelligence of living plasma on a stellar scale- we must come to realize how much love and mind is also present there... if we are to qualify like them to learn to inhabit stars - with our aura. This is the so called status of becoming SUN GODS so revered by our ancestors.

“One of the greatest scientific achievements imaginable would be the discovery of an explicit relationship between the waveform alphabets of quantum theory and certain human states of consciousness.”

-Nick Herbert, Quantum Reality

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with Vincent Bridges, Dan Winter


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