Peru Study Tour 2005

Peru Study tour with Mallku, April 2005

We will take bookings/deposits very soon - last year's tour was fully booked 3 months in advance.

The Secrets of the Andes and their power places - heighten and enhance your spiritual connection with the ancient, present and future universe!


- The Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu
- The spectacular Sacred Valley (Inca heartland) and Cuzco temples
- The famous and mysterious secrets of Lake Titikaka
- Participate in healing ceremonies, rituals and shamanic processes with our Peruvian Shaman, Mallku

Our sacred journey to Peru is unique. Experience the warmth, genuineness and authenticity of the people and teacher/healers that you will meet. Travelling with our local teacher, author, community leader and Shaman, Mallku, this will be a truelly unique experience. Roger Green, Feng Shui expert, and our local guides and shamans will create an unforgetable Magical Journey for you! Our tour has been co-ordinated by people who intimately know Peru-they know where to get off the beaten track- they know the rituals and ceremonies and the local people to make this tour an adventure of a LIFE TIME!

All we can ask is that, once you have read through our itinerary, come and experience it for yourself!

The cradle of several ancient civilizations including the Inca, Peru is a land of contrasts and surprises. In this study tour, we will learn about the ancient rituals of the Incas and participate in a pilgrimage to several of their places of worship. The pilgrimage will be lead by Master Shaman, Mallku, who will accompany us on the whole journey. We will start in The Sacred Valley, and continue into the Mountains, visiting several sacred temples. We will then take the train to Aguas Calientes and the Sacred Citadel of Machu Picchu, considered by the Incas to be the essence of wisdom. In Machu Picchu, we will take part in ceremonies and relax at the hot springs. The voyage will take us to other sacred sites around Cuzco. We then drive to the famous Lake Titikaka.

The journey is designed to enhance your spiritual growth and understanding. We will perform rituals, ceremonies and meditations at some of the most powerful sites on Earth. You will return with unforgettable memories.


DAY 1: Arrival in Lima , pick up & transfer to our Hotel which is located in Miraflores, an exciting and very vibrant part of Lima

DAY 2: Morning flight to one of the most beautiful cities of Peru Arequipa, gateway to the Colca Canyon. It is known as the White City, its buildings are made from white volcanic rock, surrounded by 3 snow capped volcanoes, one of which, El Misti, is still active. Here we can acclimatise and visit this picturesque colonial City.

DAY 3 Early morning departure for our spectacular journey to the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world and home of the Kondor. At an altitude of 3600m we journey through the Andean mountains with breathtaking scenery of snow-capped peaks and lunar-like landscape, displaying its unique wildlife, such as Andean flamingos, roaming herds of alpaca, llama and other animals. Late afternoon arrival at our lodge. ENJOY THE HOT SPRINGS IN A RELAXYING EVENING.

DAY 4 Early morning start WITH AN OPPORTUNITY to watch the Kondors majestically soaring above our heads and after walking we shall meditate and be at one with the breathtaking views Mother Nature has to offer. Then continue our journey to Puno, Lake Titikaka, arrive late in the afternoon.

DAY 5 We hike to the Magical Power source of the Ajayu Marka, (house of the ancient Spirits and Masters) and dimensional doorway of the Ancient Ones. Then we continue to the Sun gate of the Copamaya altars, where we give thanks to the Spirit of the Lake. INTRODUCTION TO THE FIRE ELEMENT WITH A COALS WALKING CEREMONY.

DAY 6: In the morning we visit Sillustani, a sacred site and galactic gateway, before continuing by coach across the Andean Highlands to the Temple of Wiracocha, then to the Sacred Valley of the Inka.

DAY 7 Discover the Sacred Valley of the Inka; we will start at the initiation Centre of Chinchero with a Shamanic Experience and continue to the dimensional circles of Moray for meditation and inner work at its magnetic centre. We then visit the Salt mines of Maras.

DAY 8 We travel to Pisaq, a sacred site where Inca kings built palaces on top of the mountains. We will visit the colourful bustling native market in Pisac, before travel to the power place of Ollantaytambo.

DAY 9 Early morning we embark on one of the great train rides of the world along the Urubamba River, through sub-tropical rainforest towards the ancient, mystical CITY of Machu Picchu. That night we stay in our hotel in Aguas Calientes and relax in the natural springs.

DAY 10 Early ascension to Machu Picchu. Ceremony and Offering to Pachamama. Late afternoon we board the train to Cusco and settle in at our hotel.

DAY 11 We explore Cusco´s powerful eternal inka Temples: Tambo Machay. Q´enco, Sacsayhuaman, Temple of the Lightning Serpent, AMARU MACHAY. We will participate in Shamanic Work, Meditation and Ceremonies.

DAY 12 International connections.

Why Peru
To the Andes for snowcapped peaks and haunting music; to the countryside for the buzz and the color of Indian markets; to the villages for the aroma of fresh bread baking in the community oven; and to Machu Picchu for a pilgrimage. This tour is a great way to experience Peru's diverse ecological, geographical and cultural wonders while enjoying a good level of comfort.   Peru has spectacular scenery, preserved beauty and mysterious places. It is an environmental masterpiece of diversity, arid coastal deserts, farming oasis, quaint fishing villages and the Amazon basin. Home to millions of highland Indians, they still speak the native tongue of Quechua and practice the traditions of 10,000 years past.

The climate
April, in terms of the weather, is a good time of the year to be traveling in South America. Temperatures are moderate, and there is a good chance of clear sky's, sunny and dry days.

Not to be missed
A special gathering of souls this coming April. International students of native medicine, natural healing, sacred geometry, geomancy and feng shui, and shamanic processes and rituals. Take home the experience of a lifetime, the opportunity to learn the spiritual and ceremonial side of Peruvian culture during this 11 day odyssey. Gain knowledge on the uses of Amazonian medicinal plants and participate in healing ceremonies, music and rituals.

The tour is open to all to attend. This is an easy paced tour perfect for anyone with a sense of curiosity and adventure. There are no difficult walks and you can set your own pace. Come with a sense of humour and a willingness to learn about the ancient Andean traditions and spiritual transformation.

Travel to LIMA - PERU
You need to book your own travel arrangments into Lima and return from Lima to your country of departure. Our package takes you from April 15 th to the morning of April 25th.
We can arrange extra nights at the Lima hotel if you wish -before and/or after our tour package. Extra nights accommodation is US $90   per night, per room at our Lima 5 star hotel. Or you can arrange extra nights yourself at other hotels.

At the end of the itinerary is the tour costings and booking procedure, suggestions on what to bring, and our terms and conditions.

Mallku, our guide and teacher
Mallku (a name that honors his ancestors) is an artist, author of books on the Natural Medicine of Peru, Andean mysticism, Shamanic life and the architecture of the temples, palaces and spiritual gathering places of the ancient people of South America. He is the author of "Inka Initiation Path" and "Machu Picchu Forever" successful works of Andean Wisdom. He is a leading figure in his community as a teacher and spiritual guide. His travels led him to the spiritual communities of Peru and Brazil - furthering his experiences in the magical dimensions of Pachamama and Wiracocha. Recently he was elected as the Director of the Mundial Association of Andean Writers. Mallku has been studying for many years the power places of the Andes. The Andean architects, were not only the builders of incredible structures, but also the masters of the power lines (ley-lines as known in western geomancy) existing in the world. He has made and uncovered significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces. His lectures and ceremonies demonstrate the importance of astronomical phenomena in the design and placement of these ancient temples. The Ancients understood and worked with these geo-magnetic forces, so that their temples and palaces would became power places to grow in spiritual essences and experiment with the high energies of Pachamama and Wiracocha. Cuzco city is an example of this conscious style of architecture, where the suns pattern is extensively mapped to the equinoxes and solstices, the design of the city reflects this in every aspect. In the last 20 years of studies, Mallku has discovered some of the most important astronomical phenomena that are still visible at many of these 'power places'. He discribes these ancient Andean buildings, the expression of an advanced "Feng Shui" technology, and the Andean architects, as masters of the spiritual path.
Click here to read more about Mallku.

Roger Green, organizer and sponsor
Roger is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. A lively and enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates and explores the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of this ancient philosophy. With twenty years of experience and practical involvement with Feng Shui and natural healing, Roger has developed a unique ability to communicate the subtleties of Oriental thought in a profound and meaningful way. Click here to read more about Roger.

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