Ireland Summer Retreat JUNE 11-17, 2010

with Michael Rice
Mastering Sacred Geometry Building

A practical unique live-in retreat and study tour, a chance for you to work first hand with Michael and his masterful builders who specialize in integrating curves, golden mean ratio's, and much more. You will build a sacred geometry meditation hut as part of this retreat.

Part two of this retreat also involves a dynamic road trip, visiting first hand some of Michael's dwellings that have been constructed, plus a tour of the famous RING OF KERRY and the Cliffs of Moher, where we stay the night in the beautiful West County Cork town of Banty.

A practical unique live-in retreat in the Heart of Ireland

June 11th is arrival day or you have the option of joining us on part two June 14, an easy to get to location in the heart of IRELAND

Part one: June 11-14 Theory and practical
Part two June 14-17  Theory and practical plus TOUR

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The subject of Sacred Geometry springs to life in the hands of Michael. As an architect, he takes a holistic approach to design, based on the understanding that everything is connected, alive and conscious. His company, Holistic House Plans, is the world's largest online resource for building and space designs based on the natural harmonic principles of biological architecture, sacred geometry and feng shui. Each design is unique, and has emerged from an expression of natural patterns, symmetries, shapes, universal symbols and ratios.

This practical hands-on retreat workshop is open to all to attend, the only prerequisite is an open mind, enthusiasm for sustainable eco sensitive environments, and a desire to reach for your highest potential as a designer, feng shui practitioner, architect and for anyone wishing to create soul-satisfying 'sacred spaces'.

Michael is an amazing teacher.  He not only has complete practical knowledge and understanding of this amazing art, but also conveys it with an openness of heart and clarity of purpose. He has inspired every person who attended his workshops over the past years.


June 11-14: Part one is held at Michael Rice's Sacred Geometry design retreat center. A three-day workshop on the theory, hands-on experience and practical applications for building sacred geometry dwellings.

An intense building master class which is a practical hands-on experience developed to demonstrate how to build a structure based on sacred geometry. Particular attention and emphasis is being paid to show how to optimize buildings with curves and other natural forms.

This workshop is ideal for framers, builders, developers, architects, designers, feng shui practitioners, as well as interested folk who want to discover the fastest and most optimal methods of building sacred architecture and creating sacred space.

This workshop is intended to:
  • Show how to design using sacred geometry
  • Involve the participants in practical design exercises throughout the 3 days
  • Go through the whole design process, from initial client brief to completed designs
  • Take the completed designs and implement them by building the design
  • Be fully involved in both the design and build stages
  • Full interaction and opportunity for questions with the master builder
  • Define what sacred geometry is
  • Explain the terminology related to sacred geometry
  • Explain the historic usage of sacred geometry
  • Interpret the energetic nature of the universe
  • Identify the difference between constructive and destructive interference
  • Explain what fractaility is
  • Describe the wave nature of sound via scentics
  • Describe the tube torus
  • Define the importance of the Platonic Solids
  • Explain what Phi is
  • Demonstrate how to draw the golden rectangle and golden spiral
  • List where Phi appears in nature and the human body
  • Learn to use the tools to build sacred structure
  • the building of a cool meditation /sauna hut
  • Creating a Standing Stone Sacred Circle
  • Mandalas in coloured sand
  • Drawing practice and play using compass and straight edge.
  • Walks with Nature
  • Energy clearing and light meditation
  • Dowsing and mapping skills
  • Learn to set out geometry on the land
  • Making platonic structures to sit and lie in using bamboo
  • Sleeping and meditating in different areas of "dreamfield" our venue and noting differences
  • Exploring "dreamfield"  and analysising and discovering the various phi and other sacred geometry harmonics used in its construction-. A prize for the person who spots the most!

Sacred Geometry, or spiritual geometry, is a universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. Architects and designers draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, harmonious, and spiritually uplifting spaces. This workshop is designed to present a good grounding in the science and art of Sacred Geometry, as well as many practical applications and exercises.


June 14-17 In this workshop we will continue to build our sacred geometry structure (meditation hut) which we designed and built from start to finish, under the tutelage and expert guidance of master geometer/builder, Michael Rice.

We are also having a day and a half ROAD TRIP touring of sacred geometry dwellings designed built by Michael Rice, along with a tour of the famous RING OF KERRY and CLIFFS of MOHAR. We stay the night in Banty, West Country Cork. We return to "DreamField" to continue our construction of our magical meditation hut.

This workshop is intended to:
  • how to design using sacred geometry
  • Involve the participants in practical design exercises throughout
  • Go through the whole design process, from initial client brief to completed designs
  • Take the completed designs and implement them by building the design
  • See the building of the structure from start to completed structure
  • Be fully involved in both the design and build stages
  • Full interaction and opportunity for questions with Michael Rice


Tour and visit houses that have been constructed by Michael Rice
we then continue on our road trip together:

Ireland has some of the most spectacular sights in the world with awesome natural scenery that has a seriously magnetic effect. Around every corner is something different - a charming village, an eccentric castle, an archeological wonder or an awesome view.

The famous Ring of Kerry is without doubt Ireland's most popular scenic drive. It is part of the mystical & unspoilt region of Ireland that has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. This experience will provide an amazing insight into the ancient heritage of Ireland

We pass through Limerick, a jewel of a county, its villages and towns are renowned for their beauty, and are magical, romantic and rewarding little spots, which will seduce you with their charm.

The Cliffs of Moher are truly awe-inspiring, considered the most outstanding coastal landscape along with the most  amazing views in Ireland.

We stay the night in the Bantry Region in the heart of West Cork. A region of lush vegetation, palm trees and semi-tropical flowers. Hemmed in by high mountain ridges, an azure blue sea and cascading mountain streams, it is a place of unparalled beauty where the landscape changes with every mood of wind and sky.


June 11th is arrival day for part one - an easy to get to location in the heart of IRELAND

Basic directions:

You fly into Dublin (you make your own arrangements for arrival and departure from Dublin).

Catch the airport bus that takes you into the Dublin center bus exchange (35 mins).

You change buses for Michael Rice's town of Mountrath, which leaves approx. every hour. The trip takes 1.15 hrs. On the bus, phone and give us your arrival time. Roger Green or staff will pick you up from the bus station for a 5 min drive to live-in venue and training center.

Phone either Roger +1 848 702 3779 or Michael +353 87 2753585

Part one is held at Michael Rice's Sacred Geometry design retreat center. A three-day workshop on the theory, hands-on experience and practical applications for building sacred geometry dwellings.

Accommodation is basic dormitory style. We will share men/women rooms. Some private double bedrooms are available for couples. It is an all-inclusive package: tuition, accommodation and all meals are provided, except one night where we have an off-site dinner party. Meals on site are macrobiotic-quality. The dinner party on third night is an optional full catered event at a local estate house. Dress: bring some practical work clothing. Temperatures are mild to warm, however it is Ireland, so bring a rain coat.

PART ONE Fee: 720 Euros

note there is a discount fee if you are doing part 1 and 2 see below

4 nights accommodation at sacred geometry training center, all meals except one night out dinner party, tuition, certificate of attendance: 720 euros.

It is also first in, first served. If our venue is booked out, you will be notified of nearby bed and breakfast accommodation, at your own expense.

SO BOOK AND PAY EARLY to secure the best deal. Enrollments are accepted now.

PART TWO fee: 600 Euros

Part two begins/arrive on June 14th.  A three-day workshop and tour on the theory and practical dimensions of building with Sacred Geometry.

Early departure on the 15th June for a tour of Michael Rice's Sacred Geometry designed houses.  We continue our road trip thru the famous RING OF KERRY and Cliffs of MOHER.

We stay the night in Banty, west county cork. On the 16th we continue our road trip visiting SACRED SITES. We return to our venue Dreamfield to continue our theory and practical construction of our magical meditation hut.

Includes all accommodation, all transportation, tuition, certificate Note: all meals are your responsibility on the road trip. We will eat together in local restaurants. Includes the night of June 17th.  Finishes the morning of June 18th, departure. Transport provided to local bus station/ trains.


If you intend to do BOTH part one and two, there is a discount!
Part ONE and TWO combined: Fee is 1250 Euros (save 80 euros)

Payment methods:

  • Credit card visa MC
  • Bank Transfer
  • International money order
  • PayPal

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There are LIMITED SPACES! Sponsored by Roger Green, The Academy Sacred Geometry and The New York School of Feng Shui.

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"It was an incredible experience to be involved in the design and the actual building of a sacred geometry based structure. I saw from start to finish how it should be done!" David Hughs, designer

"expanding myself in this direction has been such a energy change in many ways. I am looking forward to continuing playing in this area to see where I go with it. I will be applying it right away to a client's play yard". -Colleen Brand, interior designer

"the illustrating of how everything around us can be fractally connected from macro levels to micro.. .from actual physical exercise to intangible energy is simply fascinating. Michael Rice teaches and makes things easy to understand. I liked the balance between thoery and practical exercises. The big context as well as the nitty gritty of drawing applications. The show (slides) and tell (stories), Depth and breath of information as well as the flow was fantastic!! My perspective of the world has been greatly enhanced"  -Denise/landscaper

"Very enjoyable, incredibly informative, superb educator, Makes information highly accessible. Teaching using multiple approaches, engaging listening, drawing collaboration, tactile, body movement. Effectively embedded his sacred knowledge in each and everyone of us. What a gift. Handing a complex body of knowledge and sharing its practical application- through architecture showed us all where this could go. Having the personal experience of coming into alignment, dropping through the worm hole-priceless." -Sally Grisedale

"the incredible presentation and drawing the geometries. Very lovely energy and awareness that Michael brought. A lot of heart opening wisdom. Loved how everything came together- the bio, living, consious cosmic implosion of knowledge".  -Marjory Mejia, architect designer

"I feel far more confident in what is possible to build. Curves and organic shapes were made remarkably easily on this workshop, that in itself was powerful but the speed at which it was done is truly astounding. Mel (the master builder) showed us all the tips and techniques he has built up over the years on building organic structures. Thanks Mike" - Louise, architect

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Michael Rice




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