The Alchemy of Prague

June 3-12, 2016

10 days of absolute fun in one of the most beautiful
and magical cities in the world!

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10-day event, June 3-12

Purchase full package $1000
(After April 1, $1350)

Full Package

Friday-Sunday, June 3-4

Alchemy Training $350
(After April 1, $420)

Alchemy Training

Wednesday, June 8

Cesky Krumlov Tour $150
(After April 1, $220)

Cesky Krumlov

Thursday, June 9

Kutna Hora Tour $150
(After April 1, $220)

Kutna Hora

Monday, June 6

Prague walking tours and River Cruise $150
(After April 1, $220)


Prague Walking Tours and River Cruise

Tuesday, June 7

Enochian Ophanic Workshop and Ritual $150
(After April 1, $220)

Enochian Ophanic Workshop and Ritual

Friday-Sunday, June 10-12

Healing Water Conference $350
(After April 1, $420)

Healing Water Conference

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Vincent Bridges (1952-2014)

Vincent Bridges Vincent Bridges Vincent Bridges

Vincent Bridges was an internationally known author, lecturer and esoteric historian. He co-authored two books with Dr. Teresa Burns on the mysterious 20th century alchemist Fulcanelli and was co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye and Alchemy and the End of Time.

Vincent was the expert commentator and historical consultant on the History and Discovery Channel shows on Nostradamus. At the time of his passing, he was working on several books with themes such as Shakespeare, Rudolphine Prague and the Hermetic Revolution.

An international authority on the Ophanic Angelic Communication (perhaps the original languages and the ultimate language of initiation) Vincent also taught and wrote about many aspects of Alchemy, John Dee, Sacred Geometry, Fulcaneli, Grail Legends, Nostradamus, Earth Mysteries, I Ching and Ancient Egypt.

He was a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to Southern France, Egypt and India and from 2010 relocated from South Carolina USA to Prague to continue his research into the lives of John Dee, Edward Kelly, and the missing years of William Shakespeare. His as yet unpublished titles are Shakespeare, John Dee and the Hermetic Revolution: Alchemy and Espionage in the Magickal Theatre of Elizabethan England; John Dee, Edward Kelley and William Shakespeare: Alchemy and espionage at the court of Rudolph II.

The 2016 Alchemy of Prague is dedicated to the life and work of Vincent Bridges.

THE PACKAGE: 10-day event!

The 10-day Package early payment by 1st April 2016

$1000 USD (save $300)



  • Alchemy training with Aurelius Electrum (Canada)
  • The Healing Water Technologies Conference (several international teachers)
  • 4 full days plus 2 Friday evenings

Walking tours and River Cruise

  • 2 walking tours of the mysteries of Prague
  • Not your ordinary tour- this is with Eliska and based on the research from Vincent Bridges
  • Evening River cruise and party

Workshop and Rituals with the Enochian-Ophanic-Angelic Language

  • Including lectures and presentations on the History of Alchemy in Prague
    with Dr Teresa Burns and Alan Burns (USA)

Day trips

  • Coach trip and walking tour of Cesky Krumlov (Bohemia)
  • Coach trip and walking tour of Kutna Hora


Payment does not cover airfares, accommodation, museum and tourist entry fees, meals, drinks and transfers.

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Important notes
Note 1: Payment does not cover airfares, accommodation, museum and tourist entry fees, meals, drinks and transfers.
Note 2: Book your own accommodation to suit your budget

We have a list of recommended hotels below, plus AirBandB is a good option

If you are traveling with a group, you might like to book an apartment with 2-3-4 rooms

June is a popular time to be in Prague so book as soon as possible to secure

By purchasing the “Package” by 1st April you save a total of $300 ++ USD

Payment does not cover airfares, accommodation, museum and tourist entry fees, meals, drinks and transfers.

Meeting point

Our seminar spaces are very close to the main old town square of Prague. You simply meet Roger at the famous old clock in the Old Town square and you will be guided to our venue location.

Meeting point 6pm Friday, June 3rd 2016

Roger Green is standing and smiling in front of the Old Clock Tower (just to the left of the clock- facing the clock tower) in the main town square, where all the tourist will be waiting for the old astrological clock tower to chime. We will walk you to the venue where our first event starts at 7pm at Edward Kelly tower /Alchemical Museum / Donkey and Cradle in the foot hills of the Prague Castle. Don’t be late! Green is not tolerant of late comers and you will be fined one Prague Glass of Beer.

Maitrea Venue

Centrally located next to the old town Prague square, is a fully renovated classic building, done on Feng Shui and Eco Design principles. It is said the site has several geometrical energy lines converging and is considered a fine example of modern Feng Shui Eco design. It houses seminars rooms, client therapy spaces and one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague.

The restaurant consists of two levels, the top level being small and intimate and full of natural light; the bottom level is spacious, warm and welcoming. The wooden tailor-made booths, Buddha decorations, fountains, a fireplace and design low lighting make the bottom level a quiet and lovely haven from the bustling Old Town of Prague. Olda Hozman, the architect responsible for the complete restoration is a past graduate of Roger Green’s Prague school of Feng Shui. The vegetarian menu is interesting and very affordable.

The International Water Technology Symposium will be held at this venue from 7pm Friday June 10th through to 5pm Sunday June 12th

Tynska ulicka 6/1064
1110 00 Praha 1, Stare Mesto

Recommended Hotels and notes:

We highly recommend AirBnB or search for apartments for rent (some references below.)

You need to do accommodation booking completely yourselves.

Simply meet us at the Old Town clock to be guided to venue location (June 3rd 6pm.)

Any hotel that has an address of Praha 1 means it is very close to the Town’s inner circle.

However, other area codes are OK as Prague has an excellent tram system and most head towards the town center. There is a variety of hotels listed- check on rates that suit your budget.

Prague Hostels (Prague 1) (Prague 2) (Prague 3)

Prague Apartments Phone: +420 603 841 790

Prague Hotels
very good for last minute offers on hotel rooms, many are starting at only 35 Euros per night, including apartments.

The Alchemy of Prague Event is Sponsored and Supported by:

Maitrea: House of Personal Development-Prague

Academy Healing Nutrition-Prague

Roger Green