The Alchemy of Prague Begins May 18th, 2018

May 18-26, 2018


Welcome to the Alchemy of Prague Event

We have an incredible line up of workshops, parties and tours all beginning on the evening of May 18th, 2018. This is the 3rd ‘Alchemy of Prague’ sponsored by Roger Green, and he promises you again there will be days of intrigue, adventure and pure fun! We begin in Prague, then later travel to South Bohemia to the medieval township of Český Krumlov, the historical heart and soul of Western Alchemy and the reinstatement of the Hermetic traditions. 
 Our venue in Prague is the Edward Kelley tower, where John Dee and Edward Kelley would make their alchemical preparations and medicines, among the many rich dramas of that time! It is probably one of the most powerful, historical locations in the world to teach alchemy.

The Alchemy of Cannabis

The setting is perfect for one of the foremost alchemical teachers in the world, Aurelius Electrum (Paul Harris from Canada, inventor of the Theraphi Device), to conduct his workshop. We will set up a practical alchemical lab with its array of beakers, vials and fires and take you through the process of making Cannabis (CBD oil) medicines in the traditional way, full of its extracted life forces.  

Later in the week, held in Český Krumlov, Paul will take us through the advance states of Alchemy and how to work with the metals, Lead, Mercury, Gold and the transmutations of the elements, including the Philosophers stone. Our stay in Český Krumlov will be highlighted with a themed medieval feast, where we will all dress up into our chosen costumes, held in an old Bohemia room, with invited guests and folk dancing into the late evening. On Friday you can experience a ceremony and ritual involving the alchemical and Enochian traditions, facilitated by Aurelius, Alaerian, Dr Burns, Eva Lenova and Dan Winter.

Dr. Teresa Burns, will give a presentation on the Enochian Ophanic Angelic language developed by John Dee (developed further by Vincent Bridges). She is accompanied by Alan J Moore, playing his beautiful harp music. We also have intriguing walking tour of Prague Castle with Eliska Bridges, a river cruise party and tours of Old Bohemia power places.

Vincent BridgesThe Vincent Bridges Book Release Party

Join us for a very special celebration on Saturday evening May 19th

Esoteric historian and researcher Vincent Bridges, best known for his work on Nostradamus, Enochian, and the intersections of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and William Shakespeare, passed away in 2014, and left several manuscripts unpublished, including “An Alchemical Enigma: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelley.” We are delighted to announce this manuscript, edited by Dr. Teresa Burns and Eliska Bridges, is being released at our Prague event.  There will be a special presentation highlighting excerpts from Vincent’s books and his life. We are also celebrating the release of a CD recording of the Angelic Callings with acclaimed Czech vocalist Iva Maresova, whom Vincent collaborated with.

It does not get better than that!

You will be totally surrounded by sacred geometry, alchemy and an aura of mystery! The Czech Republic is a place filled with fascinating culture and spiritual history. The building materials (made from paramagnetic rock), the cobblestone streets, the classical architecture based on sacred geometry and the intimate human scale (not to mention the best beer in the world) and the conviviality of your fellow adventurers all adds up to a powerful beautiful unforgettable personal experience.


Because of our unique historical venues, there is a tight limitation on space, so first in first served to secure your place! We highly recommend to book now, and be able to receive the early payment discounts.   The best deal is based on booking by the 1st March 2018.  Start planning your trip now.  

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May 18th Friday 6pm Meet at the Prague clock tower-Old Town square and walk with Roger to venue
7pm Event begins at Edward Kelly's Tower ‘Donkey and Cradle’
• Alchemy of Cannabis introduction with Aurelius Electrum (Paul from Canada)
• Courtyard party held at Donkey and Cradle
• Ambient Harp music by Alaerian (Alan J Moore) and other special guests
Meet fellow traveling companions, tour guides and teachers. Drink, eat and be merry
May 19-20th Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am-5pm Alchemical trainings with Aurelius Electrum
Venue: Held in the historical crypts of the Donkey and Cradle where Edward Kelly also worked
May 19th Saturday evening 7pm Celebrate the publication of Vincent’s book (and his life) and the CD music release of the Angelic Callings with Dr Terry Burns, Eliska Bridges, Alan J Moore, Iva Maresova and other invited guests.
May 20th 8pm Sunday Evening River cruise and party on the Jazz Boat (on the beautiful Vltava)
May 21st Monday 9.30-12

History of Alchemy and introduction to the Enochian-Ophanic-Angelic language with Dr. Teresa Burns and Alan J Moore

Afternoon walking tour with Eliska Bridges: Prague Castle, Lesser Town
Evening free time to enjoy the sparkling streets of Prague (and go shopping!)

May 22nd Tuesday 9.30am Coach departs Prague for our Journey to Český Krumlov
Tour of the Svetla nad Sazavou factory and witness the tradition of glass blowing that has made the Czech people so famous in the world.
Arrive Český Krumlov to settle into hotel.
Free evening to wonder the streets of this beautiful medieval gem.
May 23rd Wednesday
Český Krumlov
10-5pm Advanced Alchemy workshop with Paul
Held in the Old Bohemia room
7pm Medieval Costumed party and feast with invited guests
Venue: The 5 star Ruze Hotel
May 24th Thursday
Český Krumlov
9am Coach departs for Dragon Rose venue
10-1pm Advance practical alchemy with Paul
Lunch: Traditional Czech lunch provide at Dragon Rose
2pm Magical tour of surrounding areas
Arrive Český Krumlov for dinner
May 25th Friday
Český Krumlov
10-4pm Alchemical and Enochian Ritual with Aurelius Electrum, Dr. Teresa Burns, Alaerian, Eva Lenova and includes skype presentation/talk/discussion with Dan Winter
Afternoon free to tour Castle and free evening with celebration dinner
May 26th Saturday 11am Coach departs for Prague
We visit a sacred geometry and alchemical dwelling on the way
Arrive Prague hotel early evening
May 27th Sunday Participants depart for home, or stay longer to enjoy the sites of Prague and the Czech Republic

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Day 1 7pm Friday, May 18th

Welcoming party and alchemy presentation.
Meeting point: Clock Tower, Old Town Square Prague, 6pm

Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory and practice of the alchemical traditions. We begin with a presentation on Alchemy with our teacher Aurelius Electrum (Paul from Canada).  This is a good chance for you to get a sneak peek at this weekend’s workshop and network and socialize with our guides and teachers for the “Alchemy of Prague" event. We are all gathering at the famous Kelley Tower in the foothills of Prague Castle. This is where Edward Kelly and John Dee, the foremost alchemists of their time, were living in Prague and supported by King Rudolf II.  The tower has been turned into an Alchemical Museum, originally curated by our dear friend Vincent Bridges. Drinks and food are available at the famous alchemy bar ‘The House of the Donkey and Cradle’. Musical performances with Alaerian and other special guests.

• Introduction to Alchemy • Medicinal CBD oil • Working with Hemp • Alchemy of Cannabis
• Spagyric Plant Medicines • Elixirs • The Magic of Water • Sacred Geometry • Theraphi Device Technologies • Introduction to advance Alchemy with Metals, Transmutation and Philosopher Stone

Day 2 and 3 9.30-5pm Saturday and Sunday May 19-20th

Venue: The Donkey and CradleAncient and Modern Techniques of Alchemy

The Alchemy of Cannabis

Learn how to make your own plant medicines * Practical Alchemy * The Art of Distillation
Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory and practice of the alchemical tradition. 
Learn the history of Hermetic Mysticism and the techniques used by the forefathers of modern chemistry, herbology and medicine.  This two-day seminar (plus Friday evening introduction) will provide an in depth look at both inner and outer alchemy utilizing a wide spectrum of alchemical teachings including Vedic, Taoist and the Western Hermetic Traditions. Later in the week, Paul will be instructing us in the advance techniques with working with metals, gold, transmutation and the philosophers stone.

This is a practical workshop. We are setting up an alchemy lab so you can witness the complete experience. We’ll look at various laboratory apparatus, their description, set-up and use, as well as laboratory safety.  Working with the plant kingdom through the art of distillation, we’ll create an alchemical menstruum as well as an essential oil for your personal use. Participants will also take home bottles of the Spagyric tincture and essences we will create in the class. The goal of this course is to provide you with a foundation for a physical, mental and spiritual understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of Nature, through the magical spectacles of the Western Esoteric Alchemical Traditions

Alchemy has been part of the human experience for so long we cannot recall its origins. But what is important is the fact that the Alchemists of old were at the cutting edge for front of science (and still are!). We will look at advancements in plant wisdom, growing and processing, and extraction methods. 

In 1997, a hemp rope dating back to 26,900 BC was found in the Czech Republic, making it the oldest known object to be associated with cannabis. Hemp has played an important role in humanity’s development for a long time and now she is showing herself in a whole new light. We have the largest amount of ‘receptors’ for hemp/CBD than any other plant species. This demonstrates our long evolution with this amazing plant. It is now used in modern life for a wide range of aliments and is providing unrivaled relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions, including pain, nausea, anxiety, and inflammation. Cannabis (Medical Marijuana / Hemp / CDB Oil) contains at least 85 types of cannabinoids, and over 480 natural components found within the Cannabis sativa plant, many of which have documented medical value.

Come find out what the "Buzz" is all about. You will discover:

  • All about Cannabis
  • History
  • Myths and misunderstandings
  • Medicinal properties
  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • The Entourage
  • The Endocannabinoid system
  • Folk remedies
  • Modern overview
  • Delivery methods and dosages

We will make a hand cream, tincture and concentrate. Participants will master practical skills to extract the life healing properties from this remarkable plant.

Note: there are no Psycho-active properties of the medicines we are producing-we are only working with the medicinal CBD aspect of this plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychotropic.

Spagyrics “open” medicinal plants completely to release powerful healing properties. It is a method of separating and preserving the hidden qualities (signatures) of plants and minerals in elixirs, tinctures, and powders. The result is subtle yet powerful medicines free of the impurities normally associated with their gross material forms. By learning to make tinctures and elixirs and work only with essences, you will become healthier, mentally clearer, and spiritually stronger for the challenges of the Great Work ahead.

Course outlinewhat is alchemy

  • Intro to Cannabis Alchemy and the practical making of hand creams, tinctures and concentrate
  • Alchemy Philosophy, Theory and Practice
  • The role of Sacred Geometry in Alchemy
  • Types of Alchemy
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Lab Equipment
  • Distillation Setup
  • Three Alchemical Principles in the Three Realms
  • Alchemical History
  • Paracelsus
  • Rudolph II
  • John Dee and Edward Kelly
  • Tycho Brahe
  • Johannes Kepler
  • Isaac Newton
  • Herbal Tincturing
  • Essential Oil Distillation
  • Calcination
  • Planetary Correspondences
  • Alchemical Elixirs
  • Spagyric Herbal Essences and Tinctures
  • Preparation and Uses of Herbal Elixirs
  • Seven Planetary Elixirs
  • Preparing for the Mineral Work
  • Alchemical Relationships
  • Kabbalah
  • Bottling of Products
  • Advanced Course Summary: Ormus gold and other metals, incense making, medicinal essences and tinctures, elixirs and brewery

Take Home: CBD hand cream, tincture and concentrate, plus the skill on how to make it yourself, with the powerful knowledge of the ancient Alchemical Spagyric approach

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Day 2 evening, 7pm Saturday May 19th

Book and CD release party held at the Donkey and Cradle

Join Dr. Terry Burns, Eliska Bridges, Alan J Moore, Iva Maresova and special invited guests, to celebrate the publication of Vincent’s book (and his life) and the CD music release of the Angelic Callings.

Prague at nightEsoteric historian and researcher Vincent Bridges, best known for his work on Nostradamus, Enochian, and the intersections of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and William Shakespeare, passed away unexpectedly in 2014. He left several unpublished manuscripts behind in the hands of his collaborators.

The first of these, An Alchemical Enigma: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelley, will be released this spring. Vincent wrote the book in 2011 while living at the Donkey in the Cradle, one of Kelley’s homes during the time he spent in Prague.

An Alchemical Enigma has been edited by Dr. Terry Burns, Professor of English from the University of Wisconsin, and Ms. Eliska Bridges, an independent licensed tour guide who accompanied and worked with Vincent on many projects.

In addition to editing this work, they have added several appendices, including an analysis of Kelley’s poem “To G.S., Gent.,” translations of Kelley’s best-known alchemical works (Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy, The Humid Path, and The Stone of the Philosophers), a speculative timeline, and a history of the “Donkey in the Cradle.”

Copies of An Alchemical Enigma will be available for sale, and its editors will give a special presentation highlighting excerpts from this work of Vincent’s as well as from two others he co-authored, Mysteries of Great Cross at Hendaye and The Ophanic Revelation, and from his play, “The Donkey in the Cradle.”

They’ll also treat you to excerpts from a CD featuring acclaimed Czech vocalist Iva Maresova. In 2013, Vincent, Iva, Eliska, and others recorded the 19 Enochian calls at the magnificent Santini-designed Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelena Hora, in Zdar nad Savazou, Moravia, Czech Republic. This new and unique interpretation of this culminating aspect of the Enochian corpus is also scheduled for release and will be available for sale as well.
Performance of first two Enochian calls by acclaimed Czech vocalist Iva Maresova

This recording of the the 19 Enochian Calls, were held at the Church of St. John of Nepomuk, a Unesco Heritage site. This edifice has both amazing acoustic properties and astounding energetics resulting from the powerful geophysical properties of the hill and surrounding area, which is then collected and amplified by Santini’s architectural rendering of the Church and its enveloping structure

enochian-ophanic-angelic-language-ritualIt was the culmination of a dream for Vincent Bridges, who was responsible for its production. Unlike those before him, Bridges viewed the Enochian (or Ophanic or Angelic) work of Dee and Kelley not as an outgrowth of the western mystery tradition but as a literal intervention from outside. He and his students viewed it as a transformative system best described in energetic states, where even the letters themselves functioning as waveguides. They saw Enochian as a system of 4th dimensional and higher geometries that, when properly set up, worked almost automatically.

Just as the nucleus of human cells put out light or photon emissions that are automatically received by other cells, Bridges believed the “alchemy of light” generated by a correctly set-up Enochian Temple worked as a kind of bioenergetic machine provided to humans from the outside to help jump-start their own evolution. These objects that are formed work automatically by their shape or function as they exist physically in higher dimensions; they sing “Evolve!” to those parts of us that already exist in higher realms. That is radically different from any other understanding of what it is and how it works.

Also this evening, J. Alan Moore (“Alaerian”), who has presented several workshops on Enochian with Vincent, will perform on harp, and be available to answer questions about the 19 Angelic Calls.

How can we wrap up an evening like this? With a play! As you may know, Vincent’s play “In the Donkey in the Cradle” was to be performed at the Donkey the very day Vincent tragically and unexpectedly died. We are currently in the midst of discussions with one of the principle actors and hope to have a short piece from this play performed this evening. More information will be available on this soon.

Please join us for this very special evening.

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Day 3

Sunday evening, 8pm, May 20

Jazz boat River cruise

As indicated by its name, the Jazz Boat is a boat devoted to jazz in all its forms: traditional jazz, Latin, Cuban or Brazilian influences, ethno jazz or pure swing and blues. Enjoy a night cruise and dinner with your Alchemy friends, while admiring some of Prague’s most amazing sights, which display an almost surreal beauty at night time.

Day 4

Monday Morning, 9.30 am-12. May 21

Dr. Teresa Burns and Alan J Moore

castleThe Search for the Philosopher’s Stone”, Alchemy in Rudolfine Prague and an introduction to the Angelic callings of the Enochian language (or, how did learning to talk with angels become part of the Great Work?)

The body of work generally known today as Enochian is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating subjects in the western esoteric quest.  During the last years of the 16th century, this language and the system accompanying it was received and recorded by Englishman John Dee, considered by many the most educated man in England and his countryman, and the alchemist Edward Kelley.

What are alchemists talking about when they refer to “The Philosopher’s Stone”?  Teresa will answer this from several perspectives ranging from “the spiritual” and alchemy of metals, to the transmutation of time and a look at human bloodlines.   Alchemy, according to the Jungians, "Isis the Prophetess to Her Son Horus,” is a curious mix of Hebraic and Egyptian mysticism probably originating in first-century Alexandria, where Egypt mystery schools combine alchemical instruction with angelic intervention. After this, nothing similar appears in known writing for another 1,000 years! 

Dr. Burns will give a presentation on the “History of Alchemy in Prague” and introduce us to the intertwined lives of some of the alchemists and proto-scientists associated with Renaissance Prague, including Tadeáš Hájek, John Dee, Edward Kelley, Tycho Brahe , Oswald Croll, Michał Sędziwój, and Michael Maier.  From Hermetic astrology, to bloodline politics, from proto-chemistry to apocalyptic philosophy, Dr. Burns will take you on a roller coaster ride so you are totally up to speed with the last 3000 years of alchemical enquiry!


tours of old Bohemia


• Alchemy as it intersects with art, architecture and theater
• Alchemy and the apocalypse: Prague as New Jerusalem
• A Renaissance enigma: Alchemy? Magic? Espionage?
• Reported successful transformations: George Ripley, Edward Kelley, Alexander Seton
• Michael Maier’s alchemical emblems and music
• Harp Music by Alaerian

This will lead us into the afternoon walking tour of Prague Castle with Eliska Bridges.


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Day 4

Monday Afternoon, 2-6 pm. May 21

gatewayWalking tour of Old Prague with Eliska Bridges

A New Jerusalem in Bohemia - the Capitol of the Noble Arts Timetable

The beginnings of Prague´s history emerge from the shadows of paganism and many hazy legends. The city prophesied by Libuse, grew into being a new spiritual center of the world. It became a magnet for mystics, spiritualists, alchemists, scientists, philosophers, freemasons and artists.

The relative religious tolerance was a very important ingredient of this mixture, since it created the base for cross-cultural and cross-interdisciplinary sharing. Prague was and still remains a melting pot of ideas and approaches.

What beliefs connected Prague to New Jerusalem? Did they have any validity? Who were the seekers who came to Prague, and what were they attracted by?

We will look into the old legends, visit the power spots, discover the places where great thinkers lived, and enjoy the Prague game of decoding the esoteric meanings on many of the public facades. You will find yourself standing at Prague Castle with Eliska, listening to the esoteric connections and stories behind these buildings. We will also visit places that are usually off the track of tourist groups. Seeing both the monuments famous in alchemy circles as well as other places less known is the only true way to get an image of the Capitol of the Noble Arts!

PragueDay 5-6-7-8

Tours of Old Bohemia with Eva Lenova

Guided day trips in mysterious Český Krumlov and its surrounds

For a brief spell in Bohemia, a hermetic, alchemical and kabbalistic enlightenment influenced the seeds of modern science and attempted to give birth to a new era. In her classic book, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, the great historian Frances Yates brought alive to the modern world an extraordinary period in early 17th Century Europe, long lost to memory.

Only now, almost four hundred years after the publication of the Rosicrucian manifesto and the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, are we awakening to the full significance of that moment and its relevance to our own epoch.

Join us on this imaginative and spiritual rediscovery of that magical time in the very region where “it all took place”. We travel from Prague in our coach through the lands of castles, rivers, dragons and ancient heroes to the lands of old Bohemia.

Eva Lenova will lead us on many adventures around the lands of Český Krumlov, including labyrinths, sacred springs and castles.




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Day 6 -7-8

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 9.30-5pm. May 23,24,25
Venue: Ruze Hotel, Dragon Rose and Český Krumlov

Advanced Alchemy

The working of Metals, Gold, Ormus, Transmutations and the Philosophers Stone

Paul will take us through some of the advance stages of Alchemy and how to work with the metals, Lead, Mercury, Gold and the transmutations of the elements, including the Philosophers stone.

What is important to remember, is the fact that the Alchemists of old were at the cutting edge of science, and we consider- we still are! We believe the true ethical power of science is between the manifested and un-manifested, the physical and the spiritual. Modern reductionist theory has its limits, and perhaps it is time that science takes in the finer features of the infinite universe we live in.

Bucky Fuller in his studioWith our understanding of the Fractal Field, golden mean ratio, insights from Dan Winter, and advancements in plasma technologies such as the Theraphi Device, you will be initiated into a new world of ideas, processes and understanding of a deeper life purpose.

• Introduction to the Mineral Kingdom.
• Alchemists from the period of Rudolph II
• Tales and Legends of Český Krumlov
• Alchemical Definitions
• A deeper look at the Three Philosophical Principles
• Alchemical Products
• Collecting Dew
• Deliquescents
• The Acetate Path
• Theory and History of the Acetate Path
• Preparation of Acetates 
• Working with Metals
• The Athanor
• Antimony
• Lead
• Mercury
• Gold
• Transmutation of the Elements
• The Philosophers Stone
• Alchemical Mediations and Rituals

Alchemists discovered a number of novel substances, which were later classified as particular chemical compounds or mixtures of compounds. In our advanced alchemy training with Paul, we will take a deeper look into the alchemy of metals in the heart of Český Krumlov.

The second half of the 16th century is usually called "the golden age of alchemy". Emperor Rudolf II. von Habsburg and Wilhelm von Rosenberg, became the most important Maecenas of the hermetic sciences. Around the House of Rosenberg arose a second center of hermetic and alchemic activity.

Renowned historical characters worked their magic in Wilhelm's South Bohemian dominion - in Třeboň, Prachatice, and especially in Český Krumlov, which has been called "the South Bohemian Mecca of alchemists"

Day 6 Wednesday evening 7pm, May 23rd

A costume alchemical party and feast

Venue: Old Bohemian Room, Ruze Hotel, Český Krumlov

Want to dress up as a specific historical character e.g. Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth I, and for men, Napoleon, Robin Hood and Shakespeare? Or shall you stick to our Bohemian theme of the 1300-1600’s with the palace courts of Charles IV and Rudolf II e.g. John Dee, Edward Kelley and his wife the “Dark Lady”, or William of Rosenburg.

Perhaps your favorite historical Alchemical personality like Paraculus, Rand Bokle, Nicholas Flamel, George Ripley, Thomas Norton, Comte de Chazal, Oswald Croll, Michael Sendivogius, Michael Maier, Anselm Boëthius de Boodt, Cornelius Drebbel, Tadeáš Hájek, Julius Firmicus Maternus or an Egyptian from first-century Alexandria! May I introduce you to Isaac Newton and his friend, the Lady of Ruze.

Or are you an alchemical scientist from the year 2089? This is a festive evening, highlighted by music, food and wine, and traditional dance from the Czech Republic. We have arranged for costume hire as part of your package and the Ruze Hotel is providing a special room where you change from your 21st century costumes and try out different time periods and characters; Baroque, 17th century Renaissance, Middle Ages, or a touch of the Mystic. Come Wizards and Witches, come all!

Day 8 10-2pm, Friday 25th

Venue: Ceske Krimlov

Alchemy Rituals

Alchemy, and The Enochian-Ophanic-Angelic language and rituals with Aurelius Electrum, Dr. Teresa Burns, Alaerian, Eva Lenova and Dan Winter (via skype)

Harpist AlaerianIn this one day ritual, we will cover the John Dee and Edward Kelley’s “conversations with angels,” and the magical system they engendered. We’ll take you through some of techniques variously called Enochian, Angelic or Ophanic. Aurelius Electrum will guide you through the essential rituals that Alchemists have used for centuries. Dr. Teresa Burns and Alaerian will guide you through an Enochian ritual. At the beginning of the day, we will connect with Dan Winter via skype to discuss the science and physics involved.

You will learn how Dee’s angels were said to be connected to transmutation, and then take a ride though some of the mysteries, claims and practices connected to Robert Hooke’s Enochian (the alphabet represented an elaborate cryptographic system) to the Golden Dawn’s claim of a cipher manuscript.

We will explore Dan Winter’s and Vincent Bridges explorations of Enochian relationship to sacred geometry and Vincent Bridges’ discussion of “Angels in the DNA.” We’ll then step back and look at the correspondences between the Angelic watchtowers and one of the oldest and simplest talismanic symbols: the pentagram. Alaerian will lead the group through a simple pentagram ritual and how this connects to Enochian work.

We will then incorporate Enochian elements into a more extended invoking pentagram culminating in the Greater Pentagram, or Watchtower, ritual. Within this sacred space, Alaerian will demonstrate the rending of the veil and the first two Enochian ‘calls’, as a way of providing participants with a direct experience of the sounds and feel of the Enochian.

We will then take time to talk about what members of the group have experienced. We’ll finish by discussing some of the events connected to John Dee and Edward Kelley’s continental tour, their mysterious heptagonal ritual, and about Kelley’s sudden rise and fall as a Golden Knight of the Holy Roman Empire. We will end with a musical performance and healing angelic harp music with Alaerian.

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Meet The Teachers and Guides

Aurelius Electrum (Paul Harris from Canada)

Aurelius ElectrumPaul is an inventor, eclectic researcher and educator from Canada who has spent most of his life studying various forms of physical science as well esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry.

He has taken a multidisciplinary approach to life and has developed a knowledge-base in a wide area of studies including Water Technologies, Alternative Fuel and Energy Systems, IT, Electronics, Chemistry, Plasma Physics, Herbology, Permaculture, Archaeo-astronomy, Esoteric Philosophy, Spirituality and Religion.

Paul's inventions include various electro-medical devices including the latest, The Theraphi Device incorporating Dan Winter's bio-active frequency signatures. Also, water processing, petro chemical refining, waste remediation, oil sands extraction and energy savaging systems are in the RD mix. Being a polymath Paul has found this diversity necessary in understanding the fundamental principles behind the workings of nature.


Roger Green (New Zealand / NYC) Sponsor

Roger Green Roger has been active for over 25 years in environmental, eco-design, alternative healthcare education and emerging green energy technologies initiatives around the world. He is the founder and director of the Breakthru-Technologies Company, which has sponsored several international conferences and is financing many innovative inventions.

In 2009, along with Dan Winter, he launched the water treatment device called The Imploder, and set up the project Bloom the Desert. Currently, Roger has been working with Paul Harris on the Priore rejuvenation technology, which in the period of the 1960’s demonstrated amazing healing and natural pain relief to hundreds of well-document patients. The device has been released onto the market place as the “Theraphi

He is an early seed investor in the emerging field of cold fusion, aka LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and has been active in the promotion of the E Cat Technology based on the invention from the Italian, Andrea Rossi.

Roger Green is recognized as one of the world's most innovative, dynamic and expert teachers on modern day natural healthcare incorporating both eastern and western themes, having given presentations to over 70 countries.

In addition, Mr. Green is passionate about creating a more humane system of health care through his work of nearly 30 years as Director of The Academy of Healing Nutrition, with locations in New York, London and Prague.


Terry Burns (USA)

Terry BurnsDr. Teresa Burns is an U.S. English professor and writer who studies Renaissance Hermeticism, especially the connection between the magical systems of John Dee, Edward Kelley, and Giordano Bruno to the literature and architecture of the time.

Co-author, student and friend of Vincent Bridges, Terry has written many popular articles for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. She and Nancy Turner also translated the first English edition of Tuba Veneris, attributed to John Dee, and the retranslated the first 18 theorems of Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica.

She and her husband Alan Moore are finishing a book on Dee and Kelley’s Enochian system. In her spare time, she writes fiction.


J. Alan Moore (USA)

J Alan MooreAlan Moore, or “Alaerian” as many know him, is a gifted harper, guitarist, flutist, pianist, and perhaps the world’s only Enochian musician. He’s made a life-long study of the western mystery tradition, with over thirty years of experience in the Golden Dawn magical system and the practical application of magical arts.

As a musician, he focuses on the use of music to shift energies and create magical states of consciousness. His writing appears in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition; Alan describes his Enochian or Ophanic work as a part synthesis, part revision and part explanation of Dee and Kelley’s system, especially as it connects to sacred geometry.

A good friend and co-practitioner of magic with the late Vincent Bridges, Alaerian is a firm proponent of Vincent’s insights into the function and use of the Enochian system.


Eliška Bridges (Czech Rep)

Eliska BridgesEliška Bridges is an independent licensed tour guide.  As Vincent Bridges' partner, she accompanied and worked with him on many projects, including his John Dee and Edward Kelly tour, his work on the geomancy of Bohemia and Moravia resulting in the Marian pilgrimage, and the recording of the Enochian Calls, as well as helping edit An Alchemical Enigma: A Short History of the Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelley.



Eva Lenova (Czech Republic)

Eva SpolekEva is a translator, interpreter, lecturer, author and guide. Her life-long interest in history, traditions, wisdom, art and science of our ancestors and fascination with metaphysics formed a good base from which she was able to start her five years of working and studying with Vincent Bridges. She supported him in his search for evidence and resources for his books, guided him to places connected to his work in Czech, and interpreted and helped to organize numerous seminars, workshops, lectures and pilgrimages both in Czech and abroad.

Their alchemical walks in Prague were rather popular, a number of sacred geometry students enjoyed their magical rituals in the church at Zelena Hora as well as the labyrinth workshop near Cesky Krumlov, an enthusiastic group participated in the winter solstice 2012 ritual in Prague and a bunch of adventurers joined them to their South France tours (Gypsy festival in Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Nostradamus, Grail quest and Cathars in October 2010 and May 2012) and to their last public event - Moravian Michael-and-Mary lay line pilgrimage, as Vincent loved to call it.

Eva continues guiding groups of people to power places, leads rituals, organizes pilgrimages and tours to traditional festivals, on special occasions or with special themes as this year's South France trip in the footsteps of the Magdalenes. She is a member of the Czech Academy of Healing Nutrition team writing articles, teaching practical classes and guiding trips.


Dan Winter via Skype (USA/France)

Dan WinterRegarded as one of the most dynamic thinkers of our time, American-born Dan Winter is an internationally respected academic, physicist, author, accomplished keyboard artist, master animator, inventor and one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Geometry and the Scientific Nature of Consciousness.

Dan has placed himself on the cutting edge of science and uses his teachings to inspire others to take a fresh look at their belief systems, environment, health and the development of their consciousness.

By drawing on science, mythology and popular culture, Dan is constantly formulating breakthrough ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our "oneness" can be approached via sacred geometry, architecture, art, maths, biology, computers, electronics and myth.

His theories have formed the basis of notable research in the US. The hi-resolution projection and sheer scale of Dan's visual presentations, combined with his lively lectures, extraordinary knowledge and sonic music samples taken from biological events, make for an unforgettable and unique experience.

“It’s not only that we need you for life, you yourself are the life”- Paracelsus

The 2018 Alchemy of Prague is dedicated to the life and work of Vincent Bridges.

Vincent Bridges (USA 1952-2014)

Vincent Bridges Vincent Bridges Vincent Bridges

Vincent Bridges was an internationally known author, lecturer and esoteric historian. He co-authored two books with Dr. Teresa Burns on the mysterious 20th century alchemist Fulcanelli and was co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye and Alchemy and the End of Time.

Vincent was the expert commentator and historical consultant on the History and Discovery Channel shows on Nostradamus. At the time of his passing, he was working on several books with themes such as Shakespeare, Rudolphine Prague and the Hermetic Revolution.

An international authority on the Ophanic Angelic Communication (perhaps the original languages and the ultimate language of initiation) Vincent also taught and wrote about many aspects of Alchemy, John Dee, Sacred Geometry, Fulcaneli, Grail Legends, Nostradamus, Earth Mysteries, I Ching and Ancient Egypt.

He was a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to Southern France, Egypt and India and from 2010 relocated from South Carolina USA to Prague to continue his research into the lives of John Dee, Edward Kelly, and the missing years of William Shakespeare. His as yet unpublished titles are Shakespeare, John Dee and the Hermetic Revolution: Alchemy and Espionage in the Magickal Theatre of Elizabethan England; John Dee, Edward Kelley and William Shakespeare: Alchemy and espionage at the court of Rudolph II.

Further work of his can be found at, including information on The Ophanic Revelation and his forthcoming An Alchemical Enigma: The Rise and Fall of Sir Edward Kelly (to be released at the next Alchemy of Prague event 2018)




  • Alchemy Introduction and advanced training with Aurelius Electrum (Paul Harris)
  • Enochian Rituals with Dr. Teresa Burns and Alan Moore
  • All Presentations and musical events
  • Day tours with Eliska Bridges and Eva Lenova
  • Tour of Cesky Krumlov with Eva Lenova
  • Tour of Prague Castle with Eliska Bridges
  • Transfer from Prague to Český Krumlov
  • Transfer from Český Krumlov to Prague
  • Costume hire in Český Krumlov for our May 23rd party
  • Coach tours of surrounding areas, glass factory, sacred spaces and nature walks

Begins May 18th
Ends May 26th back in Prague.


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