The Alchemy of Prague
Easter April 2009 Event

Arrival April 9th or earlier
Seminars from 9.30am, April 10th-to-5pm April 15th

Our teaching venue is very close to the main Old Square of Prague

It is called Maitrea,
Tynska ulicka 6/1064
1110 00 Praha, Stare Mesto

Radka will have her cell phone with her: + 420 60 42 82 141


On April 10th, at 9am
You can meet Roger Green standing in front of the Old Clock Tower in the main sqaure, where all the tourist will be standing waiting for the old astrological clock tower to chime.clock

For a map of Prague, visit:

Our venue is Tynska street- but best to meet at the clock tower at 9am on the first day- and we will guide you there. it is only a 2 minute walk.

Any hotel that has an address of Praha 1 means it is very close to the Town’s inner circle. However, other area codes are OK as Prague has an excellent tram system and most head towards the town center.

Prague Hotels  and website links (click on the English flag for English )
There is a varity of hotels listed- check on rates that suit your budget.
very good for last minute offers on hotel rooms, many are starting at only 35 Euros per night, including apartments.

Old Town Square Hotel