Exploring the Mysteries of Provence
Southern France study tour
May 22- 1st June, 2014

A Pilgrimage which includes the Gipsy Festival of the Black Madonna
with Vincent Bridges and Roger Green

Gipsy Pilgrams at Sea

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For all lovers of French cuisine, good wine, ancient legends and mysterious stories:

We have prepared a unique experience in form of traveling along dragon line, along one line of natural pentagram of Provence in southern France. We will enter stories of Holy Grail, follow footprints of St. John, Maria Magdalena, old alchemists, Nostradamus and da Vinci. We will encounter remnants of ancient civilizations and try to understand their messages and advices for present time. You will also experience a pilgrimage at the seacoast, to the famous Stes Maries-de-la-Mer Black Madonna Gipsy's festival and celebration of early Christian rituals.


Arles, St. Trophime, Alyscamps


Stes. Maries-de-la-Mer; Gipsy Pilgrimage

black madonna

St. RÈmy, Les Antiques; Glanum, St. Paul, van Gough, le Pyramide, Holy Mount and hidden valley with a sacred spring

group at rock

Les Baux, Tremarie


Abbay de Montmajour, Hypogeum in Cordes


St. Etienne/Notre Dame du Chateau and Ernagium/St. Gabriel's chapel, Tarascon


Garden of Alchemyst in Egyliere


Cavaillon, Orgon, L'Isle Sur-la-Sorque


Fountaine de Vauclus, Pernes-les-Fontaine, Le Beaucet and St. John's hermitage - St. Gens


Avignon / Chateauneuf-du-Pape / Carpentras/Orange


"The sacred geometry experience was astonishing and expanded my base of reference exponentially every day. It far exceeded expectations and I'm glowing just thinking about our fabulous experiences."

A welcoming by our guide, Vincent Bridges

Vincent... this journey has started for me when I realized as a student, that there has to be some historical truth in stories about Holy Grail. Searching for real roots of grail myth was the reason, why I became historian and not English teacher. Thanks to that I have been traveling for my whole life following footprints of knight with pure heart who were searching for perfection. My journey has brought me to some most remarkable places and taught me one important thing: there is nothing that can substitute for the experience of seeing history with your own eyes.  And that is something I would like to share with you on our common journey --personal interest, close view, physical presence and warmth of hearts of those who travel and has traveled in sunny Provence.

This is what I call the accidental pentagram. No one planned it, but the ancient pattern of goddesses and caves and springs, and the legends grafted onto them, point to the larger archetype on the landscape. I had four interconnected sacred sites, with Glanum at the center, but could there really be five? What of that point where the Ste. Maries/Les Baux/Glanum line crossed the long side of the triangle, could there be something there that clinched the connection?

On the map, there was nothing there but a bend in the road coming down across the Vaucluse plateau from St. Didier to Sausaune-de-Vauclause. But, when I began to look closer, I found something truly strange. In the odd bend in the road where the lines crossed was an old hermitage and shrine to a local Dark Age local saint, St. Gens. On the right hand wall of the hermitage is a large dark stone said to be the hidden location of St. Gens' cave and perhaps either his tomb or where he awaits the end of the world. Gens, in the local dialect, is pronounced as "jean" and so we have a mysterious St. "Jean" or John with a cave hermitage/tomb and above that a miraculous spring.

ruinsWith this, the pattern of our pentagram seems complete. Four Magdalene sites, caves with springs, and a fifth connected to a mysterious Gens or Jean, with a cave and a spring, and all focused on Glanum and its nympheum, a temple to the mother goddess of living water. This ancient sacred pattern on the landscape provides the most vital clue of all to the mysteries of Provence and the Holy Grail.

As the true history of the Grail in Provence emerges, these curious locations - a Templar hospital and grotto, the church's chapel and grotto, the gypsy's sea-side shrine to the Maries, the old hermitage site above Nimes, the hidden saint and his tomb in the Vaucluse, and of course Glanum - will develop into key, but hidden, components of the story.


"One of the most inspiring courses I have attended."

tour groups at various sites

The Grail Mysteries in Provence:

Vincent and studentsSo join us as we explore, on the ground, the locations and images of the true history of the Grail, from the Grail Castle of Les Baux to St. Trophime's hermitages and the Alyscamp, the most renowned of medieval burial grounds to the quarries of Glanum and the standing stone of Da Vinci's Virgin in the Rocks, from the gypsies of Ste. Maries-de-le-Mer to the rugged grottoes of the Magdalene, and of course, the lost city of Glanum Livii and its nympheum, center point of Provence's accidental pentagram. As we visit and explore the sites connected to this hidden history, we can begin to piece together a glimpse of the true origins of the Grail Mythos.

Gypsy Pilgrimage Saintes Maries de la Mer, FranceA special feature of our retreat: Each year, thousands of locals, gypsies, pilgrims and tourists travel to the picturesque seaside town of Saintes Marie de la Mer to participate or witness this incredible Gypsy Pilgrimage. It is held in honour of Sara the Black or Black Sarah, the patron Saint of Gypsies and the three Marys - Mary Magdelene, Mary Jacob and Mary Salome - which give the place its name as the 'Marys of the Sea'. The pilgrimage includes an impassioned all-night vigil and a procession leading a statue of Sara down to the sea where she is ritually washed in the cleansing waters. Like all good gatherings, the event is accompanied by music, dancing and feasting. During the celebrations the town swells in size as over 10,000 gypsies and worshippers from all over the world flock to participate in this age-old ritual.

Vincent BridgesA unique tour and retreat event based on the latest research, presented here by internationally known Nostradamus authority Vincent Bridges, connecting Nostradamus' prophecies with Leonardo Da Vinci's most heretical art and providing clues to Provence's ancient, almost forgotten, variety of early Christianity. It was this alternative form of Christianity that provided the historical and spiritual underpinning of the original Grail legends.

For those serious students of the Knights Templar, early Christianity, the Holy blood, Holy Grail, the Da Vinci code and the Prieure de Sion and the hidden secrets of the Berenger Sauniere Parchments, the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau (where our study retreat was located for the last 7 years), The Grail, the Ark, the Emerald Tablet, The Merovingian Royal Blood line of Europe, the blood line of King Arthur, Sacred Geometry and meanings of the landscape, the secrets of alchemy and the philosophers stone, Nostradamus, John Dee, Shakespeare and the secret identity of Edward Kelley, Freemasons and the The Occult Roots of Christianity, The Cross of Lorraine, Hiram-King of Tyre, the Temple of Solomon,  world mythology, and Judeo-Christian scriptures.

This epic retelling of the real history of Earth has become a growing hallmark of the advanced courses within the Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui Seminars world tours.Or you might just wish to come for the French food and countryside!Due to the popularity of the Da Vinci Code, the subject of Mary Magdalene has been covered in Time Magazine, Newsweek, on The History Channel, the Learning Channel and in specials aired on major TV networks.



Video Presentation: Vincent Bridges
Alchemy & the Shakespheare-John Dee (Angelic) Solution


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"Thank you for this extraordinary exciting trip. For me it was something to remember for all times to come....It was a great experience, and so much in only ONE week!"

About Vincent Bridges, our guide and teacher

VincentVincent Bridges is one of the world's foremost Nostradamus scholars and is featured in nine documentaries on Nostradamus airing on the History Channel, History Channel International, and the Discovery Channel, including The Nostradamus Effect, Nostradamus 2012, The Lost Book of Nostradamus, and Nostradamus 500 Years Later, on which he was the historical consultant and the on-camera tour guide.

Vincent is a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to southern France, Egypt and India. He has produced his own translation of the I-Ching, and his Egyptology work is widely respected and quoted by scholars as diverse as John Major Jenkins, Moira Timms, and Daniel Colianus.

He is an esoteric historian and best known as the author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye, The Alchemy and the End of Time, Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee's Ophanic Language; Shakespeare, John Dee and the Hermetic Revolution: Alchemy and Espionage in the Magickal Theatre of Elizabethan England; John Dee, Edward Kelley and William Shakespeare: Alchemy and espionage at the court of Rudolph II.

Vincent Bridges is an authority on the English Alchemist John Dee and the development of his Ophanic Angelic Communication.


Please note: This is a premium time of the year to be in St. Remy-de-Provence, and most hotel rooms will be booked out by end of March. Our study retreat takes in the Gypsy Festival, considered to be one of those "I have to do it in my lifetime" events, and so attracts people from all over the world. It is a first in, first served situation with room availability. Our advice to you is BOOK EXTREMELY EARLY.

Please email Roger Green first to see if there is any room left for you...


tour group in Southern France"This has been a sublime blend between the science of coherence, bliss and fractality with the lived life experience of all aspects of the program.  It turns out that this program has been a path of initiation as much as a teaching program.  I wholeheartedly recommend this inspirational seminar to all who feel the inclination to come."
— John Hare

"I could not say this because I was so emotional. I once had a dream of a beautiful planet and I have seen the realization potential with the group that has been manifested."
— Tibor

"I found this group lit a fire in me to realize bliss.  I thank Mother Earth for bringing this group together and may Mother Earth give the organizers a lot of energy to do many more such groups."
— C. Difesa

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