Esoteric Quest 2015


we are extending the early payment discount to the 31st March

Dont miss out on the conference of the decade-over a dozen teachers, wonderful evening events and much more

International conference exploring the Troubadours, Cathars, Templars, Grail and Hermetic Wisdom, Sacred Geometry and the Magdalene Tradition

The Conference is June 4-9, held in the exquisitely beautiful Carcassone followed by a study tour of Provence from June 9- 15. Book your spot today!

We invite you to unveil the mysteries of South France. For all lovers of French cuisine, good wine, ancient legends and mysterious stories

Esoteric Quest brochureEarly Booking Discount extended to March 31th

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Exploring the Mysteries of Provence

After the conference we have prepared a unique experience of Provence in Southern France.

We will enter stories of the Holy Grail, follow footprints of Maria Magdalena, old alchemists, troubadours and become acquainted with sacred Cathar sites and Sacred Geometry.

You will also experience a pilgrimage to the seacoast, where the famous Stes Maries-de-la-Mer Black Madonna Gipsy's festival and celebration is held in May each year.

Languedoc is filled with culture and spiritual history. It is the region that carries significance for the medieval Grail stories and is imbued with the mythology of Mary Magdalene.

For those serious students of the Knights Templar, early Christianity, The Grail, The Merovingian Royal Blood line of Europe, the blood line of King Arthur, Sacred Geometry and meanings of the landscape, the secrets of alchemy, The Occult Roots of Christianity, world mythology, and Judeo-Christian scriptures.

Read here about the incredible line up of scholars, authors and teachers. See complete details on accommodation, fees, registration and the tour packages...

BE QUICK AND BOOK EARLY so you are not disappointed. Book by March 31st to receive your early booking discount.

Cité of Carcassonne

Carcassonne is at the crossing of two major traffic routes used since Antiquity: from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and from the Massif Central to Spain. The town is divided into two, quite separate parts. The Cité occupies a plateau on the right bank of the Aude. The Bastide Saint-Louis lies on the left bank.

The old district of la Trivalle and the famous Old Bridge have been, from that time, the links between their two destinies. Carcassonne has inherited 2,000 years of history and invites you to discover its heritage of fine monuments.

As many of you know I have sponsored over the last 12 years many retreats and tours of this region. I am very honored to be able to associate with Ralph White and the NY Open Center to help bring you an amazing line up of presentors and a deep experience of this power part of our heritage.