spiralsThe Tao of Geometry with Marnie Muller and Mark Hanf

April 16-19, 2010, New York

Tao is most often translated as “way” or “path” and in this 4 day course our labyrinthine path leads us towards the center of Chinese Geometry.

The Great Square has no corners.
-Lao Tzu

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Yin Yang symbol in United KingdomDeep within the ancient art and science of Geometry lies a beautiful and mysterious system of forms that has fascinated philosophers and sages from all spiritual traditions since antiquity. In this particular Foundation Course we invite participants to awaken their own deeper levels of perception and to access the golden key of Sacred Geometry to unlock secrets encoded in the sacred symbols of China.

This multifaceted course integrates hands-on geometric drawing with dynamic multimedia presentations and invites students to explore the harmonic balance of Heaven and Earth, Form and Emptiness, Science and Spirituality, Mastery and Mystery, Yin and Yang.

Through this dynamic foundation course you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the connection between Feng Shui principles and Sacred Geometry
  • Gain proficiency in the classical skills of architectural compass drawing through meditative geometric practices and individual instruction
  • Draw a series of traditional Chinese geometric patterns and designs to include in your own portfolio
  • Explore how these archetypal geometric patterns and designs can be effectively applied to one’s personal and professional life.

Just remain at the center of the circle
And let all things take their course.
-Lao Tzu

In this course, the content focus is:

  • spoonDecoding the hidden fractal and holographic geometries embedded in the Yin Yang and how they relate to modern science and principles of design
  • Exploring the secret of how the Yin Yang is a multidimensional template (or map) for understanding geomagnetism and other core elements of Feng Shui
  • Discovering how the flow of chi integrally relates to the Yin Yang form through the principles of Sacred Geometry
  • Investigating how the Yin Yang is intimately related to the resonant proportions and symmetries of human anatomy
  • Exploring the mysteries of Squaring the Circle and the harmonics of balancing Heaven and Earth
  • Learning advanced construction techniques of the Ba Gua and other classic geometric symbols of China with architectural compass and straight edge
  • Developing a sensory, kinesthetic 3-D geometric experience of these primordial patterns and flow-forms
  • Zooming in on the toroidal and vortex geometries of ancient Chinese imagery and exploring how they reveal the living geometries of Nature

Day I Circle and Square

compassOur path begins with a multi-media glimpse of the rich culture of ancient China and its cosmology.  With Heaven Above, Earth Below, the deep geometries of Nature and the Universe are discovered embedded in art, architecture, astronomy, sacred measure, navigation, alchemy, and symbolism.

Throughout this course we explore the traditions of Taoism. Buddhism, and Confucianism and how the relationship of Human to Cosmos was an elemental expression of the Chinese culture.

The primary tools of architectural compass and straight edge are at the heart of geometry. Throughout history, geometers have been initiated into the meditative art of geometric drawing as a spiritual practice and a practical skill. In this session we participate in this ancient tradition through drawing the archetypal forms of Circle and Square.  We develop our confidence and skill level by progressing to more complex forms such as The Hexagonal Matrix, the Yin Yang and the Lo Shu Magic Square.

Day II The Octagon and Other Key Geometric Forms

The Tao gives birth to One.
 One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to the Ten Thousand Things.
-Lao Tzu

This session begins with a comprehensive multimedia presentation on Sacred Number, the Lo Pan Compass, the Ba Gua, the I Ching, the Five Elements and other key geometric patterns in Chinese cosmology.  We will explore the pentagon and the Five Elements as well as octagonal geometries and how they all arise from the Yin Yang. Using advanced compass skills we will construct the Ba Gua and other complex forms and explore how they are interrelated. We will examine the geometric aspects of the Lo Pan Compass as well as the Sacred Geometry of the seasons and cycles of time in Chinese Astronomy.

Day III Yin Yang

Being and Non-Being create each other…
-Lao Tzu

yin yangThe Tai Chi, known in the west as the Yin Yang, is a familiar symbol that embodies the philosophy of non-dualism or complementarity.  Its key principles of polarity and harmony as well as cyclic and wave motion are reflected throughout the cosmos. We will explore this archetypal geometric form found throughout Chinese culture through a unique multi-media presentation and discussion.

By meditatively drawing variations of the Yin Yang with the geometer’s tools we will explore the principles and pathways of Fractal, Toroidal, and Vortex Geometries and how they map the phenomena of Electromagnetism, Chi, Human Anatomy, and Primordial Chi Kung Geometric Movements.

"Geometry has two great treasures: one is the theorem of Pythagoras, the other the division of a line into mean and extreme ratios, that is the Golden Mean. The first way may be compared to a measure of gold, the second to a precious jewel."

-Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

Day IV Squaring the Circle and Cubing the Sphere

coinOne of the oldest puzzles in human history is how to construct a square and circle that have equal perimeter or area. This problem has fascinated mathematicians all over the world for centuries leading to the mystery of pi and representing something that appears logically impossible. Like a Zen koan, this level of paradox can invite the mind to transcend the rigidity of logic and arrive at a deeper level of meaning.

With Heaven as Circle and Earth as Square, this ancient riddle expresses an underlying aspect of the whole of Chinese cosmology that points towards the relationship of Emptiness and Form; Spirit and Matter. Our multimedia presentation explores how this paradox is woven throughout Chinese art and architecture.

In truest Taoist fashion, our final day brings us full circle back to where we began…in Mystery. How can our sacred geometer’s tools resolve this ancient riddle? 

Using a variety of Advanced Geometric construction techniques, we will demonstrate that: The Tao is filled with infinite possibilities.

-Lao Tzu

Througout these 4 days we will also be exploring:

  • Art, Color, & Design
  • The relationship between Geometric Design & Architecture
  • The Golden Proportion in Nature, Art and Architecture

armillaryWe will take a pictorial tour of key geometric shapes and symmetries that form the blueprint of our world from the macrocosmos to the microcosmos.

  • A look at images of the human body and how the golden proportion is an elemental aspect of our human make-up.
  • How the laws and principles of geometry surround us in our everyday lives
  • Discover geometric shapes and symmetries that occur in Nature, by observing leaves, blooms, and other natural formations
  • Get to know the Geometer‚s Tools- exploring with Compass and Straight Edge
  • Reflection, Discussion and Time to digest your feelings and thoughts.

Connecting with Geometry as a deep spiritual pathway to understanding who you are - what is the purpose of “Being Here Now” and the insights into Universal Philosophy

The Knowledge of which Geometry aims
Is knowledge of the Eternal.
Plato, Republic VII, 52

Geometry is One and Eternal,
Shining in the Mind of God.
That share in it accorded to men
Is one of the reasons that Man Is the Image of God.

-Johannes Kepler

There was something formless and perfect
Before the Universe was born.
It is serene.  Empty.
Solitary.  Eternally present.
It is the mother of the Universe.
For lack of a better name,
I call it the Tao.

-Lao Tzu