The 4 Pillars Astrology Training Institute
Advanced Certificate Course - 4 Pillars Practitioner

With Roger Green, Prof. Lily Chung and Marlyna Los

Providing you with the best…..experienced teachers, information, workbooks and training in the world
New York
December 4-7
Beginners Course Part One with Roger Green
San Francisco
January 15-18

Beginners Course Part One with Roger Green

Note: if you have already attended Roger Green's 4-day introduction course , you do not need to repeat this part one, (unless you want to and there are discounts available for this)
San Francisco
TBA 2010
New York TBA 2010

doorwayThe 4 Pillars Astrology Training Institute
Advanced Certificate Course 4 Pillars Practitioner

Join us for the first Advanced Certificate training course focusing on the fascinating system of 4 Pillars Astrology. We have bought together some of the most experienced practitioners in the world.

The 4 Pillars Horoscope is a very important method for any one studying the Taoist arts, Feng Shui and systems of metaphysics. It is a fascinating and deep study of cosmological forces.

Discover the richness of eastern philosophy and learn how to apply its principles to health, design, prosperity and spiritual transformation. The 4 Pillars Astrology is based on Taoist Metaphysics and Cosmology, which is used extensively by Feng Shui experts in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

chinese zodiacYou will be exposed to all of the ways of performing the 4 pillars interpretations and assessments; this course will cover advanced methods and many case histories. You will learn to make your own chart, interpret it and do the same for others, giving you the confidence to become a practitioner of this amazing Taoist art.

Emphasis is on interpretation of Four Pillar charts along with many case histories.

Students of Feng Shui, Four Pillars and the I Ching will find this to be an illuminating training. It is the logical next step for anyone who has studied Four Pillars previously, or who wishes to begin their journey.

This sophisticated form of astrology is an important Feng Shui tool for advising a client. Interpretation, once mastered, can be applied to auspicious timing, relationship compatibility, lucky colors, personalized feng shui design recommendations and many other aspects. It is a rare form of astrology not widely known in the west. Only a handful of westerns have been able to master this art.

ancient city gateThe Four Pillars is an ancient system that reveals aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements. It is used for destiny and character readings as well as fine-tuning Feng Shui advice. The 4 pillars are analyzed by the strength and weakness of the five elements - fire, earth, water, wood and metal and the signs of the oriental zodiac, referred to as The 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches, at the hour, day, month and year of birth.

Interpretation is the result of examining the manner in which the elemental and animal archetypes contained in the charts interact with aspects within the chart as well as conditions in the world.

Four Pillars' greatest strength for Feng Shui is its ability to accurately determine the element make-up of the subject. Once the self-element is determined beneficial elements can be recognized and the most appropriate Feng Shui adjustments and design choices can be made, along with any major decisions in life’s unfolding journey.

Let Roger and Associates take you on a fascinating 4 Pillar journey in time and space, yin-yang, spirals and elements to the very core of the formation of your constitution.

This is a formal Training Program designed for providing complete and thorough training in different aspects of 4 Pillars Astrology and Destiny Analysis practices, with the objective to equip students with the necessary professional knowledge to pursue a 4 Pillars profession with high standard of service.

You will learn and master:

  • Calculate the Natal Four Pillars chart
  • 4 pillars courseCalculate the Ten Year Luck cycles chart
  • Calculate annual Pillars charts
  • Calculate daily pillars charts
  • Calculate charts for Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  • Understand the significance of Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems
  • Determine the Ten elemental Gods and their implications
  • Analyze Four Pillars charts to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand which animal archetypes interact supportively
  • Understand which animal archetype combinations should be avoided
  • Understand special charts and their implications
  • Determine the quality of Chi at the moments of birth; tendencies that we maintain through our life
  • Determine tendencies in past, present, and future decades
  • Determine tendencies for specific years
  • Determine tendencies for specific days
  • Determine beneficial and harmful elements for Feng Shui
  • Understand the element balance in an individual's natal chart
  • Determine the best choices for romance and marriage
  • Determine the greatest chances for prosperity
  • Understand how to improve power in your life
  • Understand how to increase creativity
  • Understand special challenges in your life
  • How to best moderate your energy
  • Determine auspicious and inauspicious timing for specific   activities
  • Determine the best colors and design configuration for an individual
  • The effect of colors, shapes, logos, numbers, and artwork
  • Tibetan image coverAnalysis of sites, buildings and individual rooms
  • Uses in the retail trade, marketing, and commercial settings
  • Discover relevant health information
  • The universal application of the San Cai (san t'shai) or the "Three Treasures" principle (Heaven, Earth and Humanity)
  • Understand the implications of certain element and animal combinations
  • Determine character, education, intelligence, and talent
  • Determine Wealth and Rewards
  • Determine key information about family relationships
  • Hidden Heavenly stems in Earthly Branches
  • The 12 Life cycles of the elements and their readings
  • Clash and combine relationships
  • Five Tiger Chasing months
  • Five Rat Chasing hours
  • Symbolic Stars
  • Flower of Romance
  • Star of Arts
  • Traveling Horse
  • Academic Star interpretations
  • House of Life and House of Conception
  • The Yang Edge
  • Month Star of Virtue
  • Selection of auspicious dates
  • Different Houses of the face
  • Face reading: Ear, Forehead, Eye Brows, Eyes, Nose, and Lips
  • Case studies
  • Unique cures, solutions and enhancements


  • How to set up a professional practice as a 4 Pillars Astrologer
  • How to established effective client relationships
  • How to manage an on-going business

Armed with superior knowledge for their clients and their needs, the practitioner will be able to optimize the results of the consultation, and give insightful and practical advice.

compassCourse description with Marlyna Los
Lily Chung

I wanted to understand why different masters use what seems to be different methods and interpretations. I wanted to understand the lunar and solar calendar and what the difference is. I wanted to understand the method of interpretation called “Paint a picture,” versus using the 10 gods. I have studied in depth with Prof. Lily Chung and I have now a deep and comprehensive knowledge of Four Pillars, integrating the lunar and solar calendar in my calculations and interpretations of Four Pillars. I work closely now with Prof. Lily Chung.

There are many keys to interpreting a chart, but to me true understanding comes with understanding cosmic flow; cosmic flow being the language of the Tao.

“The Tao (the operating rules of the universe), is the totality on the exchange of two fundamental components: the five elements and yin and yang.. Their interaction creates all lives and things and is responsible for all happenings in the universe.” -Prof. Lily Chung

Cosmic flow exists in all things, if we understand our charts we can position ourselves accordingly with Feng shui and our Actions.

Advanced course:

  • outdoorsYou will learn how to use the solar and lunar calendars
  • You will learn to calculate charts and luck cycles in minutes, with the course material provided
  • Learn how to interpret the hidden stems within the animal branches
  • Marlyna will teach the personalities of the self element and how to interpret character in a chart
  • How to easily determine the strength of a chart and how to look in time for the needed stems and branches that provide balance
  • The different strengths of charts, and how that reflects on the life

We will talk about the natural laws and how to practice them, (How to align yourself with the energy of your chart and the effects of time). You will learn how destiny is seen in terms of the 4 pillars destiny chart

  • Effects of luck cycles
  • Study in-depth the 10 gods and more advanced stars
  • Triple punishments, harms, penalties and clashes
  • How to interpret voids, in the chart and luck cycles
  • How to interpret health (physical and mental) issues in the chart and luck cycles

The will learn a secret method not covered by other teachers on how to interpret the four pillars charts by calculating the yin and yang balance of the chart and how to use that to aid your interpretations.

Prof. Lily Chung will teach you plenty of case histories and doing examples.
Impact of cosmic flow on, Personality, ability and partnership
How to manage personal cosmic flow, with environment, the right career, partners and practicing natural law

astrology stampAnd how to know when to do the right action

“The Feng Shui is amazingly accurate. If a person has an interest in knowing what times and surroundings are auspicious for them or just curious about how the Universe operates then I would highly recommend spending the time taking Marlyna’s classes. Marlyna makes the classes very interesting and has immense patience in her teaching approach.” Bob Carpenter , Business Man, Land Developer, Tai Chi Instructor

“I had studied Four Pillars and was not able to use my knowledge in my Feng Shui practice, thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me how to use this knowledge. You have put this all together for me. Your kindness and patience made it easy. I so enjoyed your workshop. Thank you.” Mary Smith

Recommendation from Lily Chung

“Marlyna is an uniquely proficient practitioner of the 4-Pillar Astrology system. The 4-Pillar is the best known and most powerful divination system worldwide. The many who have benefited from its power credit it as the only divination system that makes sense.

How could the 4-Pillar from its obscure Asian homestead for more than a thousand years to stand on a global pinnacle in 20years? Two forces, the yin and the yang, have made it happen.

First, starting 1984, a group of entrepreneurial and mobile feng shui practitioners zealously made it visible and glare to students worldwide. In 1997, a book, THE PATH TO GOOD FORTUNE (by Lily Chung) outfitted 4-Pillar in its proper attire, together with its vital tool (the converted lunar calendar) and a creative procedure with work sheet. It became the yin force to provide a foundation for the 4-pillar to grow.

Marlyna Los became my student in 2000. Being convinced of the power of the 4-pillar, she speedily organized phenomenal workshops on my behalf from 2001 to 2006 in Vancouver and Victoria. Her relentless growth from our workshops, her own practice and frequent classes had finally landed her a top notch in the field. She was crowned the Queen of the 4-Pillar among other global feng shui students in Roger Green’s Feng Shui study tour to China in 2006. Above all, her great work in Western Canada has put the 4-Pillar in a position as “The Only Astrology System That Makes Sense”. She has provided a healthy yang force to make the 4-pillar grow and grow!

I am proud and confident of the proficiency in 4-pillar that Marlyna has achieved. In fact, I am not aware of any one in the western world has reached her profession level on the field. Officially, she is my best student; occasionally we exchange knowledge for mutual growth. —Lily Chung

JOIN the world’s most comprehensive, one of the longest established and successful curriculums in Classical Feng Shui and the 4 Pillars Astrology with teacher Roger Green. Aspects of this training have been taught in over 50 countries. We provide extensive course workbooks based on Roger Green’s 20 years experience and practical involvement with Feng Shui and Taoist Philosophy. He has a unique ability to communicate Taoist thought in a powerful way - laced with practicality and humor. His teaching is described as inspirational, motivational and compelling.

Roger GreenRoger Green is a pioneer of Four Pillars in Western culture, having introduced these methods for the first time to thousands of students in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. He created the first effective protocols for 100% correct chart calculations, stressing the importance of correct local solar time and developing the appropriate adaptation for the calculation of Southern Hemisphere charts. This work has never been accomplished before in history.

Included with this course is an extensive step-by-step manual for calculating and interpreting Four Pillars as well as Roger's simplified technique for creating Four Pillars and Luck Pillars charts.

Lily ChungLily is a world renowned expert in Eastern Metaphysics, specializing in Four Pillars and the I Ching. She is the author of the pioneering 4 pillars astrology book: Meng – Path to Good Fortune.

Lily Chung has a Ph. D. in urban geography from University of Minnesota and a BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For almost 20 years, she has studied cosmic energy (requiring good geography knowledge to be proficient) and authored 3 books on the subject. Having workshops in Europe, Canada and mostly in California, with Bay Area as her home base, she has used the procedure helping thousands of people over the world.

Lily is a pioneer in her work. She has been studying metaphysics since 1986 and had field training on the physics of Feng Shui from a master in a village in Hong Kong in 1987. Her strong academic background in Chinese classics and geography has made her a unique Feng Shui practitioner, enabling her to verify the natural laws of Feng Shui against the principles of geography for proper applications.

She began the pursuit with a passion for the truth and a reverence for life. Why were we born unequal? What is the root of this inequality? Why does a person whose given endowments don't change go through a life of ups and downs? Given the endowments without our consent and the limitations, how do we attune to this cosmic inequality to lead a better life? We need a precise sense of destiny to sail our life! Happiness is transitory as we all know! Now, with the calendars on cosmic flows translated into English, we want to maximize its frequency and momentum.

Lily has just completed her fourth book, Succeed Naturally the I Ching way. This is an easy to follow guide book that offers insight into a different way to manage life issues,using the authentic wisdom of the I Ching.

It is her passion that we all have access to the wisdom of the Natural Laws so that we may all learn how to handle adversity and achieve success.

Visit Lily Chung website at :

MarylnaMarlyna Los,
Director of the East West Academy of Feng Shui
Master Feng Shui Consultant 

Marlyna Los is trained in the classical methods of Feng Shui. Her early studies started with the modern and western methods of Feng Shui. These methods do not use a compass or calculations and are largely based on intuition. Her studies continued to the more complex and abstract methods of Classical Feng Shui. She learned that astrology and a compass is integral to a consultation. She learned that much of a Feng Shui consultation is bases on calculation and understanding the effect of time on people and space. A passion for Classical Feng Shui, the I Ching and Four Pillars astrology developed as a result.

She was originally certified in the late 90’s through the European and NYC school of Feng Shui run by Roger Green. She has continued her studies with several masters of Feng Shui which include Joseph Yu, Peter Leung, Joey Yap and Raymond Lo. Her primary teacher and mentor has been Prof. Lily Chung. Lily is the author of 5 books and is a world expert on Four Pillars astrology and the I Ching.

Marlyna is the founder of the East West Academy of Feng Shui, she teaches beginner to advanced classes on Feng Shui, Flying Star and Chinese Four Pillars astrology. Marlyna has studied design and design principles and brings culturally aesthetic Feng Shui solutions to your needs.

Marlyna incorporates her business background and uses where applicable her knowledge of sustainability and health to bring Valuable Solutions to her residential and business clients. She travels extensively teaching and consulting Feng Shui and Four Pillars astrology. Marlyna’s passion for Feng Shui has taken her to study to China, Europe, Australia and the United States. Her home base is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You can contact her at: -


“Roger is a powerhouse of wisdom! His teachings style is down-to-earth and easy to understand, as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. It’s a great balance for learning from him whether you’re a beginner or advanced student.” ~Caroline Patrick, USA

dragon“With the logic of a master mathematician and the inspiration of a spiritual teacher, Roger takes you on a thrilling ride from this humble earth into the cosmological forces and patterns governing our lives. His workshops provide not only tools for living in the here and now but also an understanding of the place of humanity in the universe. The end result is a healing of the rift existing in our culture between the material and the metaphysical.”
-Jessica Levine, USA

"Roger is very eloquent with words, therefore able to teach in a manner which is tangible and easy to comprehend. I remained interested and enthusiastic about the material all throughout the days during the long weekend. His enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious! Thank you for everything, Roger!"
-Caitlin Hevia

“Any human willing to wrestle the scaffolding of ancient traditions with Certainty and Truth is beyond any accolade I could write of. OF COURSE the Southern Hemisphere is to be -----included. It is astonishing to think so otherwise. Roger having stepped outside of The Box with earnest intention, knocking down the walls of Tradition is beyond remarkable. The Southern Hemisphere is now on the map of feng shui, thanks to this kind and brilliant man." I am honored to have been in the company of such a person. Being in your class was one of those lifetime Great Experiences. Without a doubt, the level of education I expected to receive was surpassed in spades. It is my only hope that I can walk the Talk of my Teachers as I move forward into my dream.”
-Yasmin Caminiti