Lily ChungMastering The I Ching
A Workshop with Lily Chung Ph. D.

July 25-26
San Francisco

Join us at The San Francisco School of Feng Shui, in this dynamic weekend workshop based on Lily’s best selling book- Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way  -Unraveling the Wisdom of Natural Laws.

Mastering such laws is practically the dream of all feng shui practitioners. Wise and successful people (e.g. Plato, Lao Tzu, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison) pursued Natural Laws! These laws, reflecting the interaction of cosmic flows, the earth and human, are the operating laws of the Nature. Without the knowledge of how natural laws work, you may work very hard but remain in an endless struggle!

This is an easy to follow workshop that offers insight into a different way to manage life issues, using the authentic wisdom of the I Ching. Download the workshop flyer.

workshop flyerHIGHLIGHTS

  • Learn the hexagrams that illustrate the  ways you can apply the laws to your own life and become successful both personally and professionally.
  • Learn how to Personalize I Ching messages that lead a successful life
  • Tuning into the Interactions of Yin & Yang
  • Introducing the most powerful I Ching divination system basing on individual birth data

Day One:

Properly balancing the yin and yang forces (my needs vs. others’ needs) is the key to success and happiness. It is the fundamental law in feng shui design. This class discusses the strategy of I Ching laws to win in the following scenarios

Livelihood (# 5Hsu, peers competition)
Higher ground (advantageous position), # 11 Tai, Building Wealth
Lower ground (in a disadvantageous position), #12, Pi, obstruction
Under someone’s wing, how to be a good transient dependent when , # 30, Li

Students learn the keys to open up the door to all of the I Ching wisdom by learning Lily’s unique procedure. As the I Ching laws are the source of all Chinese metaphysicsthe class will also cover the applications to the Bazi (4-pillars) studies.

Day Two:

Introducing the most powerful I Ching divination system basing on individual birth data.

This is the only I Ching divination system using calculation of individual birth data, the  most powerful but least known and least practiced metaphysical system in China. This unique system was first introduced and taught by Lily Chung to a small group outside China in 2008.  

path to good fortune bookThe system taught in the class offers the following messages:
Harmony index of our life force which determines the course of our life path
Life hexagrams consisting of the money, fame and mentor factors, and luck cycle.


Lily is a world renowned expert in Eastern Metaphysics, specializing in Four Pillars and the I Ching. She is the author of the pioneering 4 pillars astrology book: Meng – Path to Good Fortune.

Lily Chung has a Ph. D. in urban geography from University of Minnesota and a BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For almost 20 years, she has studied cosmic energy (requiring good geography knowledge to be proficient) and authored 3 books on the subject. Having workshops in Europe, Canada and mostly in California, with Bay Area as her home base, she has used the procedure helping thousands of people over the world.

Lily is a pioneer in her work. She has been studying metaphysics since 1986 and had field training on the physics of Feng Shui from a master in a village in Hong Kong in 1987. Her strong academic background in Chinese classics and geography has made her a unique Feng Shui practitioner, enabling her to verify the natural laws of Feng Shui against the principles of geography for proper applications.

She bbookegan the pursuit with a passion for the truth and a reverence for life. Why were we born unequal? What is the root of this inequality? Why does a person whose given endowments don't change go through a life of ups and downs? Given the endowments without our consent and the limitations, how do we attune to this cosmic inequality to lead a better life? We need a precise sense of destiny to sail our life! Happiness is transitory as we all know! Now, with the calendars on cosmic flows translated into English, we want to maximize its frequency and momentum.

Lily has just completed her fourth book, Succeed Naturally the I Ching Way. This is an easy to follow guide book that offers insight into a different way to manage life issues,using the authentic wisdom of the I Ching.

It is her passion that we all have access to the wisdom of the Natural Laws so that we may all learn how to handle adversity and achieve success.


Human Geography for Hong Kong, 1977 (Publisher from Singapore)
The Path to Good Fortune: The Meng, Llewellyn, l997.
Easy Ways to Harmony, self–published, 1998.
Calendars for feng Shui  & Divination,, 2000.
Truth of Relationship and Marriage (in Chinese). 2006
Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way (Unraveling the natural laws of I Ching), 2008

calendars for feng shuiColumnist of Chinese Times, Ming Pao, California Property Guide (all in SF) & Neighborhood Express (Saskatoon, Canada), published many articles.


Phone Denise 1-866-983-6868
Venue: Chinatown, Downtown San francisco
Times: 10-5pm, July 25-26
Fees: Book and pay by July 1st, discounted to $380. After 1st July: $440.

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