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Clear Home, Clear Heart:
Courses led by Jean Haner in:

San Francisco
Part one Friday June 19
Part two Monday June 22

(Join us in the weekend for Jean’s Face Reading workshop)
Held in downtown Chinatwon 10-5pm

EARLY BOOKING 1 MONTH payment before commencement
$380 for both days combined (save $60)

Bookings: 1-866-983 6868
San Francisco workshop:

PART ONE: Personal Clearing (Friday)

Learn to clear yourself and the people you love.

personal clearingSome people call it healing. Others say it’s the power of love. Whatever you call it, clearing brings you to a place where you are no longer stressed by the things that have always stressed you.

You can learn to clear yourself, and you can clear others. Clearing can be learned easily, and can be used in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Although it seems simple, this gentle, non-intrusive work can actually change your life forever. Because as you do this work, you clear your own personal patterns, open your heart more and more, and become better able to hold a higher ‘frequency’ for yourself and others.

Please join us for a breakthrough training in how to clear, and achieve an empowered presence in your own life.

  • Gain an easy way to feel instantly lighter, calmer, less stressed overall.
  • Lose emotional charge around your experiences  with people in your life, past or present.
  • Open new possibilities for moving beyond your stuck places in life, such as issues with weight, healing relationships, difficult emotional patterns that seem to resistant to change.
  • Learn easy and practical techniques to develop and deepen your intuitive skills.
  • Feel more connected with your sacred sense of purpose.
  • Create space for joy and open-heartedness in every aspect of life.
  • Your results continue to expand and grow after the workshop is over.

PART TWO: Space and Clutter Clearing (Monday)

This pure, elegant work is refined to its essence - the power of the compassionate heart.

space clearingTransform the spaces where you live and work and bring Magic and 'pure light' back into your life.

Any kind of clutter acts as an obstacle to the flow of energy or chi around a space. This in turn creates stuck energy and/or a lack of clarity in the lives of the occupants.

Fundamentally, Clutter Clearing is about letting go. Let your unloved or unused items go and allow the chi to flow! It involves letting go of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attachments that inhibit us from having a life free from fears and negative emotions.

We will learn the reasons why energy gets stuck in the first place and what you can do to move that energy.

We live in a vibrational world - everything that exists around us consists of vibrating energy. This course will offer an understanding of the different planes of existence and the intersection of the seen and unseen worlds.

All cultures have some form of Space clearing or "Space Healing" rituals that bring in positive qualities into the space for its occupants. The idea of filling a space with pure, healthy energy is not new. Spiritual paths including Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Native American traditions, and Taoism have always placed a high priority on creating a clear and harmonized atmosphere in our homes and workplaces.

There is nothing like a living space that feels just right. We may all have very different tastes in decoration and furniture style but when it comes down to the feel of a place we would probably all agree that we don't want to live in a space that makes us feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. What makes the energy in a living space uncomfortable? It is usually an accumulation of stagnant energies. These negative energies can accumulate in a number of ways because we are constantly creating energies around us with our thoughts, intentions, emotions and words

Space Clearing is the process to refine the subtle energies of your home or business. It is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any particular religion but belongs to all the ancient and traditional cultures, including the west, as well as new understanding from modern science.

space clearingWe all leave energetic impressions on our environments, both positive and negative and our environments make impressions on us. Space Clearing in your home or office removes residual unpleasant energies. You will learn to work with physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your space with love, joy and light.

The energy of your surroundings affects you on many levels. The thoughts and feelings of former occupants of your home and office, and your own experience in the space can be held there as an emotional residue, to deeply affect your personal experience. Meridians of earth energies passing in the land under your space can become out of balance and radiate information that can stress your own system.  Even electromagnetic fields from computers and appliances can impact your personal energy fields.

In feng shui, it’s important to consider these ‘invisibles’ when working with any space. You can move the bed or paint the wall, but if there is a disturbed emotional memory held in the environment, or the earth is stressed, the qi will not flow in a healthy way. When there is a clear, vibrant energy moving through your environment, you feel better, life goes more smoothly and joyfully, clutter disappears and doesn't tend to re-accumulate, and you feel nourished and supported by your space.

Space clearing can also be an exceptionally powerful tool when it comes to deeper work with the 'visibles' as well. For instance, pieces of furniture or objects of art can be radiating out information that affects you. Beds and mattresses can hold the energy of old relationships and may influence your new ones.

And if your great-grandmother's dresser is in your bedroom, no matter how beautiful an antique, it can retain her personal energy. If she was a loving person, all the better, but if she was a bitter, angry person, that energy still remains within the wood, to radiate out and possibly disrupt your sleep. You can learn to clear the dresser so you don’t have to give it away!

Artwork retains the qi of its creator, memories of former owners, and can hold any emotional charge you have about the original relationship with the giver or your experience at the time you purchased it. This can be a wonderfully beneficial influence, but in some cases, can contribute stress to the environment. These kinds of detrimental effects can be cleared without having to remove the piece from the space.

It's also essential to address the impact of clutter in any environment.  Even when people are conscious of the negative effect of clutter and are motivated to eliminate it, they often experience significant difficulty in doing so!  People become surprisingly exhausted very quickly when they attempt to sort through and get rid of clutter.

teachingWhat most people don't understand is that every object, every piece of paper they pick up in the clutter clearing process holds energy for them that they're required to process.  There are memories and emotions attached; each object holds an energetic charge that can be a small but cumulative drain on their system. It's no wonder many people give up after a few minutes and then feel even worse about their attempt.

However, space clearing can eliminate this affect because it clears the energy the clutter is holding. Then people are able to quickly let go of what they need to without the severe drain on their own energy.  It's very common for clutter to almost effortlessly evaporate after a clearing.

After a space clearing, people often feel lighter, happier, and more energized than they have in years, with new optimism and clarity. And frequently sudden and almost magical results show up in their lives, as the new energy in their space ripples out into the rest of their world!

hong kong figurineWe’ll discuss the many different styles of space clearing, including using bells, scents, hand work, intention, and a variety of other tools, and also how to maintain lasting effects.  We’ll also cover the ethics associated with this work, and methods of grounding and keeping clear yourself, so you can be most effective for your clients, as well as creating a balanced life for yourself!

Jean Haner's trainings provides a depth of understanding that incorporates ancient wisdom with modern science's new insights about what energy really is.  Learn to explore the 'invisibles' of an environment, and locate anything that may be negatively affecting your experience there. Discover how to clear the space with simple methods that transform the space and immerse it in the resonance of love.

The result is a spacious new awareness in life and a growing ability to live with a truly fearless and open heart.

  • Learn to locate and clear areas holding stress in each room of a home or business, and in the land.
  • Release the energetic residue of previous occupants of a space.
  • Clear any 'stuckness' caused by lingering effects of past experiences and emotions held in an environment
  • Release ghosts, suicides, and the memory of trauma
  • Bring earth energy lines back into balance
  • Work with the influence of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation
  • Discover any power spots in the space that are especially positive for the occupant.

Learn how shifting the energy can help clutter disappear.

  • Support greater health and improved vitality.
  • More easily sell, move from an old home, or find a new one.
  • Help others finally feel 'at home', a sense of belonging and joy in their space.
  • Create new possibilities for change, growth and feeling more connected with a sacred sense of purpose.


“This is the easiest way of working with energy I’ve ever discovered.”

“Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. I can clear myself, my family - this is such a gift.”

“I feel so light, so able to let go of everything that used to block me.  This is amazing work!”

"Jean is the one teacher I've found who helped me feel powerful, capable and confident.  There is no ego, only a loving presence."

"My feng shui work is transformed, but my life is also changed forever.  The simplicity of this work belies its depth, and Jean teaches it in a way that makes it so easy to learn and understand."

Jean Haner


Jean Haner is the founder of Clear Home, Clear Heart, and has worked in the field of subtle energy for 30 years. A natural intuitive empath, she is able to physically feel and work with the energy of an environment or a person. Jean received advanced training in space clearing techniques of many cultures, including Chinese, Balinese, Celtic and aboriginal, and over the years has refined clearing to a simple and elegant method that is grounded in love. She is well known as a warm and effective teacher, and her workshops are filled with practical, meaningful information that you can put to immediate use in your life.

Jean's focus is on supporting the growing awareness of how we don't end at our skin, and building a community of like minds who support each other in their commitment to a more conscious path, one that is based on open-hearted compassion.