Sustainable Living Environments

How to create sacred space and magic dwellings with Janus Welton

Janus WeltonSacred Geometry, Ecology and Environmental awareness

Ecology:  The inter-relationship of Humanity, Buildings, and the Natural Environment

Bio- Architecture and the Healthy Dwelling:  The relationship between Human Health and Building Design

Sacred Geometry:  Nature’s Geometric Harmonics and Sacred Architecture

The goal of this 4 day workshop - is to teach practices that create greater Health, Harmony and Ecological balance in our inner and outer experience of our Building Environments. These techniques are grounded in the natural principles of Ecology, Solar, Climate Design, Biological and Healthy Building Issues, Nature’s Harmonics, and Sacred Geometries that form a key to creating a “Magical” dialogue between Human Beings, Nature, and our Built Environment.

stone path under treesGuided by the transforming dynamics and elements of Feng Shui, Explore the Five Elements on both the Physical and Subtle Energy levels: Air, Sun, Energy, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood……….learn about the following Natural Principles, and how you can transform any environment into a “Magical” and Healing Environment.

Topics covered over the 4 day module:

  • ECOLOGY – the elements of ecology are key to understanding the dynamics of man and nature: the proper channeling of Water, the harnessing of the Wind, Bio-Climatic Design, and the SUN can shape our buildings and our well-being.
  • PASSIVE SOLAR DESIGN and day-lighting strategies are both cost effective and enhance Human Emotions, comfort, and productivity.
  • “GREEN” DESIGN materials and practices offer more Sustainable Living, Resource Efficiency, and Healthier environments as well.
  • Bio-Architecture addresses the biological and health aspects of our dwellings and provides strategies to detect and eliminate “Sick Building Syndrome” Indoor Air and Water quality, Electric/Magnetic Stresses, the Qualities of Light and Color. Learn to test, diagnose, and provide solutions for a healthier dwelling.
  • PROPORTIONAL ROOT HARMONIES in Nature and Architecture. Discover the underlying principles of Harmony in Nature’s Geometric Shapes, Music, Art, & Architecture and how they relate to Human habitation.
  • SACRED GEOMETRY and ARCHITECTURE Learn to create the Pattern Language of Sacred Geometries and Harmony By Design. View examples of Calendric Structures and the Cosmic Order.

Who should attend:

  • Architects & Builders
  • Interior Designers
  • Feng Shui Practitioners
  • Realtors
  • Home and Business Owners
  • Anyone interested in Creating a Ecological Dwelling
  • People who wish to use Sacred Geometry

The Living Elements of Conscious Architecture, Design & Planning Harmonizing Architectural Design with Spirit, Health, and the Environment to create ALIVE spaces with Janus Welton

It has now become an integral part of the of Designers, Feng Shui Practitioners, and Architects responsibility to address the quality of our Human Experience and the  Ecological, Biological, and Sacred Harmonic aspects of the Built Environment -both Residential and Commercial. 

relationship we have with the fabric of creation

crystalsThis course is for: Designers, Architects, Feng Shui Consultants, Space Planners, Realtors, Efficiency Specialists, Home and Business owners, Anyone wanting to understand why good design works, anyone interested in the mechanics of Sacred Design, anyone interested in understanding the connection between primitive and modern design, anyone interested in improving their own life and health - and anyone interested in creating a Magical Dwelling!

This enchanting learning experience explores the patterns of nature as tools to create ecologically sound, healthy and harmonious "magical"dwellings. We will unlock nature's secrets and incorporate them into design strategies.

The goal of The Magical Dwelling - is to teach practices that create greater Health, Harmony and Ecological balance in our inner and outer experience of our building environments and to create a "Magical" dialogue between Human Beings, Nature and our Environment / Universe.

"You will come away from this course with an impressive array of very usable tools that you can immediately put to use in your work."

Ecology and Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry, Solar and Eco- Design Principles
Learn how to use the principles of Ecology in creating earth-friendly designs. Discover how to intergrate passive solar stargeies that are cost effective and enhance comfort and productivity. Intergrate Sacred Geometry archtitectural harmonies into your consultations. View case histories and examples of geometric shapes, music, art, architecture with the Cosmic Order, including Feng Shui  and Vastu Shastra Mandalas.

  • A Blueprint for Ecological, Healthy & Harmonious Design
  • Ecology, Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Solar and Eco-Design Principles
  • Learn how to use the natural elements: air, sun, wind, water as well as bio-climate and passive solar design techniques to create an ecological and sacred dwelling.
  • Discover the principles of harmony and the soul of architecture through sacred geometry, art, music and the human body
  • View case histories and examples of the pattern language of nature, numerology and geometry
  • Witness Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra mandalas woven into calendric architecture.
  • Discover the principles of harmony and the soul of architecture through art, music and the human body
  • Bring sketch paper, colored pencils, ruler and compass.

Creating Environments for Healthy Living
Building Biology- Your Blueprint for creating healthy and vibrant indoor environments

rock gardenBuilding Biology (Bau-Biology ) can be considered the link between Feng Shui and modern living. Experts have determined that our indoor environments are more toxic than the outdoors.  The average person spends over 80% of their time indoors.  What can you do to alleviate obstacles in creating a healthy living and working space? Building biology addresses the health aspects of our dwellings and provides strategies to detect and eliminate modern indoor environmental issues associated with "sick building syndrome" such as indoor air pollution, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), synthetic decorating materials and toxic personal and home care products.

This workshop will teach you to identify, reduce, and eliminate indoor toxins to promote more vital, productive, and healthy living and working environments.

During this class you will develop a healthy living toolkit and learn

  • What does it mean to create a "healthy" dwelling?
  • The principles of the "Breathable House"
  • How to identify the major sources of indoor air, water and electromagnetic pollution
  • About safe alternative products
  • Easy design principles that support a nurturing, healthy environment
  • Hands-on practice to learn proper use of meters for measuring EMFs and safe levels of exposure
  • Easy methods to reduce your exposure to EMFs
  • How to create a life-renewing bedroom and kitchen

Building Biology Principles:

  • Looks ahead to a vision of a future worth living
  • Like the Taoists - designs with nature as its role model
  • Calls for a total approach to a healthy living environment with outstanding and responsible innovation
  • Considers individual occupants, fellow humans and the environment as a whole

Find out about Electromagnetic Radiation and what it does to you

students in classroomIt has become clear that much avoidable stress arises from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Many reports have concluded that people are compromising their health as a result of being constantly surrounded by the 50 Hz AC electrical grid. Our own body energy systems work at 1-15 Hz approx. So thats quite an attack on our immune system - day in and day out!

This module presents the latest information on power lines, electrical sub-stations, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, televisions, computers, laptops, baby alarms, microwave ovens, electric blankets, immersion heaters, hi-fi's, night storage heaters, ionizers, dimmer switches for lights, anglepoise lamps, clock radios, and a whole host of other electrical appliances used in homes and offices. We will also explore practices for creating healthy and vibrant indoor environments within our structures.

The Hazards of Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs, have created a hazardous global environment. A large and growing number of people have debilitating symptoms solely attributed to stress, kidney and liver dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a whole host of other known illnesses that are actually caused by EMF toxicity. Since EMFs are invisible, people are not generally concerned or aware of their harmful influence.  Symptoms caused by EMFs can go untreated for years due to this lack of awareness. Practitioners should not take this subject lightly - this is an essential component of a any building consultation.

Come learn about:

  • The effect that constant exposure can cause to us and our pets
  • EMF sources in the neighborhood and in the home
  • What is considered within healthy and potentially dangerous EMF levels
  • Electrical sensitivity and health concerns

doorwayWe are electrical beings having a human experience! Our bodies are made up of millions of finely tuned electrical circuits that are constantly being bombarded by a myriad of man-made electromagnetic energy (EMFs).  From computers, microwaves, cell phones, cell towers, TVs, wireless hubs, and lighting... we can't escape them. In this presentation you will be introduced to the different EMF energies, how to detect them, common sources and simple ways to reduce them. We will discuss the difference between electric and magnetic fields, health effects of EMFs, and how EMFs can affect Feng Shui design. 

Burden with increasingly complex lives, and dwellings that have a ‘toxic’ effect, we need to establish  environments that support rather than fragment our lives.  Feng Shui is used by the ‘leading edge professionals’ in Architecture,  Interior designers and Realtors, buyers, sellers, business owners, major corporations and developers and healthcare professionals.

Hailed as ‘the environmental science of the 21st century’. These extraordinary teachings are a system of design which truly embraces the idea of harmony and balance in a unique way.

Heal the Earth one room, one place one person at a time! In Sustainable Living Environments, you will learn how to avoid and transform environments that are debilitating and destructive and explore a range of tangible and subtle elements which positively impact the environments that support all of life.

The nature of reality is guided by the choices we make. In no other practice is it more important to choose wisely and consciously than in our building practices and materials. Building in a sustainable manner is imperative for global survival and the preservation of humanity.

Explore exciting possibilities for creating spaces following Ecological and Sustainable Design principles. Become familiar with the process of designing earth friendly structures that support life and bring joy to those that inhabit them.

A resource guide to green and sustainable materials as well as class room instruction on design will be provided.

Sustainable Living Environments with Janus Welton

  • Study the relationship between human health and building design.
  • Learn how to design the Energy Efficient Dwelling.
  • Learn about using the elements of Nature: air, sun, wind, water, bio- climate and passive solar design techniques.
  • How do we really create a "healthy" dwelling?
  • What are 'green' sustainable materials?
  • Learn how to use the principles of Ecology in creating earth-friendly designs.
  • Discover how to integrate passive solar strategies that are cost effective and enhance comfort, efficiency and productivity.
  • Find out about Electromagnetic Radiation and how it affects humans.
  • Learn how you can deal with EMF fields.
  • Learn how to diagnose, test and provide solutions.

The Healthy Dwelling and Eco-Design Principles

waterwayKnowledge of Building Biology is an essential component of the Feng Shui course in that it enables us to guide our clients towards optimum health. When giving a client advice on the best way in which to arrange their home – we need to be aware of any environmental factors that may compromise their health.

This training also addresses the biological and health aspects of our dwellings. We will examine strategies to detect and mitigate conditions such as indoor pollution and physical dangers in our living and workspaces. Learn to test, diagnose and provide solutions for creating healthier indoor space using organic design principles and materials.

During this Sustainable Living Designs you will develop a healthy living toolkit and learn:

  • What does it mean to create a "healthy" dwelling?
  • The principles of the "Breathable House"
  • How to identify the major sources of indoor air, water and electromagnetic pollution
  • Discover safe alternative products
  • Easy design principles that support a nurturing and healthy environment
  • How to create a life-renewing bedroom and kitchen

Building Biology Principles:

  • Look ahead to a vision of a future worth living.
  • As the Taoists do, learn to design with nature as our role model.
  • Call for a total approach to a healthy living environment with outstanding innovation through responsible choice.
  • Consider individual occupants, fellow humans and the environment as a whole.

Air Quality:

earth ship interiorWe can’t live without air. However, often we are living with air that is neither fresh nor clean – and doing so compromises our quality of health and longevity. Increasingly in our homes and offices, the air quality is depleted because of moulds, or the variety of chemicals and synthetics that we use. These are multiple harmful elements in the products that we bring into the house, or are already contained in the building materials and/or the furnishings in the home.

We will examine what these chemicals and synthetics are, how we come across them in everyday life (usually without being aware of it), the impact they have on our health, and how to turn the situation around so that we can move closer to the fresh, clean air we used to breathe.

Water Quality:

We Are water. Water is a fundamental requirement for life. Traditionally, our water supply came from constantly moving streams, rivers or springs and was energized, clean and pure, adding to our health and vitality. These days the water that comes out of our taps is often a depleting cocktail of bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. We’ll take a good, strong look at the state of our tap water – what’s been added to it, what that means for our health – and most importantly, what we can do to provide ourselves with water that actually nourishes us once again.

Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design is essential, along with day-lighting strategies, to encourage balanced emotions, comfort, and efficiency.

Green Sustainable Design

Natural materials and conscious practices support sustainable daily living while ensuring resource efficiency and a healthy environment.


We will explore the inter-relationship of humanity and the natural environment.

Electromagnetic Fields

earth shipIncreasingly in today’s industrialized world, we are inundated with previously unknown sources of chemicals and pollutants and unseen electromagnetic and microwave radio frequencies, which are unleashed into our environments from appliances, building materials, and finishes. It is a well-known fact that chemicals, inorganic compounds, molds, allergens, electromagnetic fields, and microwaves can cause biological stresses and disease to the body. The effects of “Sick Building Syndrome” are now widely felt in our homes and in our office environments.

Spending time near electromagnetic fields, and microwave transmissions is now a fact of life. They fill our air and surround us on a daily basis – whether we’re aware of it or not. In order to safeguard our health, and that of our families, we need to become aware of what they are, where they are, what they’re doing to us, and how to minimize their effect on us.

If you’ve ever wondered about power lines, substations, laptop computers, wireless technology, baby monitors, low-voltage lights, clock radios, electric blankets, mobile phones, cordless phones, microwaves – or any of the other appliances in your home or office – then this is the course that’ll give you the answers!

You will get:

  • Hands-on practice to learn proper use of meters for measuring EMFs and safe levels of exposure
  • Easy methods to reduce your exposure to EMFs

Learn about the differing types of fields, how they are produced, and also refer to the research about their impact on our health. We’ll look at what we now call ‘everyday’ situations, in the home and office, and at ways in which we can avoid or minimize the amount of fields that are present in our homes and offices. We also learn to prioritize which areas of the house are most important, which appliances or technology we need to use with caution, and how we can still live in the modern world whilst protecting our health.

The Foundation of Conscious Architecture: the Union of Spirit and Form

book cover The Foundation of Conscious ArchitectureJanus teaches about the sacred architectural principles outlined in her primer The Foundation of Conscious Architecture -the Union of Spirit and Form, which includes the following topics, each an integral principle of sacred geometry and conscious architecture.

Universal Natural Patterns and Archetypal Symbols

Universal patterns and their archetypal symbols establish the foundation of Conscious Architecture, the models for indigenous builders. These patterns and the archetypal symbols born out of numbers and shapes woven with the living elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire awash with color, light, and sound interrelate with the atmosphere and the cosmos to embody the union of spirit and form.

Sacred Geometry: Patterns of Numbers and Nature in Architecture

All life forms at every scale are based on reoccurring geometric patterns and mathematical relationships. Every natural pattern of growth or movement in the universe conforms inevitably to one or more simple geometric archetypes and mathematical truths. These patterns inform the DNA of all living things and constitute, in fact, the building blocks of all creation. Geometry, most essentially, expresses number as perception and connects the One and the Many. The essential universal pattern is Wholeness. The whole is present in each part. We are each united to the entire world because all that is in the world is also within each one of us.

Sacred Space and the Eight Wisdom Traditions

All ancient cultures observed nature and formed a pattern language describing the energetic relationships between the environment, human life, planet Earth, and the cosmos-from each tradition's unique cultural and microclimatic perspective. Most ancient pattern languages shared a universal sacred structure. The interrelationship of these architectural, archetypal and atmospheric elements transcends the differences across cultural and religious traditions.

Geomancy: Earth Patterns in Architecture

Conscious architecture offers the opportunity to complement this awareness with practical application of architectural and design practices such as Feng Shui and other geomantic disciplines to provide a solid foundation for healthy, harmonious living that honors and fosters the spiritual realm. When architecture and design employs the primary principle of wholeness, the dwelling, workplace or public building heightens human aesthetics, enlivens human purpose, and deepens the stillness within.

Introducing Classical Feng Shui

The Chinese elements of nature: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire also provide archetypal building blocks, keys to understanding the dialogue between nature, humanity, and the divine. Born out of the One, the Totality, these living elements derive from this divinity while expressing the essential and symbolic nature of energy and color: the bounteous earth, the brilliant ore within rock, teeming oceans and rivers, the wise and fecund forests, the mystery of fire-all are alive with energy and vibrate with colors only nature makes pure.

Sustainable Design and Elemental Patterns in Architecture

Exploiting each other and ourselves disrespects the divinity of which we are a part. Would we exploit the world if we believed we were at one with it? Knowledge becomes wisdom as we recognize and honor the foundational sacredness in the cyclical harmony reflected within the journey of a human life, the lifespan of a tree, the inevitable winter, the return of spring. Conscious Architecture seeks to express wholeness and harmony in all public, professional, and domestic dwellings to protect and honor the natural environment and reflect its universal principles with the intention of sustaining health, well-being, and sacred union within all life forms.