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August 5-7, 2005 (main events)
August 4, 8 (pre/post workshops)

San Diego, Hilton Resort, California, USA

feng shui • sacred geometry • permaculture and sustainable environments • ecological architecture • solar and green designs • bau-biologie • taoist alchemy of health • i ching • space clearing • geomancy-dowsing • vedic maths • vastu • shastra (indian feng shui) • shamanic journeys

Come and learn, be inspired, uplifted and energized... Celebrate with the Feng Shui community... Contribute to global healing and understanding... Network and meet old and new friends!

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Dear Friends,

We are very excited about this year's conference. It has been described as the most integrated and innovative conference in Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Geomancy, Space Clearing, Vastu Shastra, Eco-Design and Taoist Philosophy. Take the opportunity to hear and experience over 50 speakers from across the planet presenting their philosophies that give passion to their daily lives.

These are phenomenal times. Right now you have a wonderful opportunity to spread light on our planet. We urge you to take advantage of this amazing time and delve deeply into ways you can help nurture and protect the Earth. Whatever your background or profession is, your participation in these programs will give you more than just cutting edge knowledge - it is vital to the sustenance of our planet. Through Feng Shui, Taoist philosophy, Sacred Geometry and Earth- friendly living we can help create a world of peace, health and clarity as a way of life...

to work together as people in a meaningful way, necessitates a vision of individual, communal, societal and global harmony. This vision is of a world sustained by sensitivity and intelligence; of courtesy and respect for all beings; of a dream for peace on earth and of hearts filled with a love that is its own eternity.

We can move forward, together, with deep respect, understanding and empowerment.

warm regards to all,
Roger Green
Conference Sponsor

This is what I want to happen:
that our earth mother may be clothed in ground corn four times over;
that frost flowers cover her over entirely;
that the mountain pines far away over there may stand close to each other in the cold;
that the weight of snow crack some branches!
In order that the country may be this way
I have made my prayer sticks into something alive.
- Zuni Tribe

Whether you are interested in enacting positive changes in your own life or sharpening your professional skills, this conference is a unique opportunity to experience these remarkable teachers and work closely with them to achieve  your goals.

Bring friends and family along - opportunities for a wonderful vacation  experience abound. We invite you to participate in engaging discussion and vibrant discourse featuring some of the keenest minds available today. We have created an event of carefully chosen diversification to engage your soul and explore the most relevent disciplines for growth and expansion in this field.


Richard Feather Anderson (USA), Carol Assa (USA), Anthony Ashworth (AUS), Susana Bastarrica (USA), Nancy Bennett (USA), Michael Borden (USA), Tracy Boyce (USA), Manu Butterworth (UK), Carol Cannon (USA), Karen Rauch Carter (USA), R.D. Chin (USA), Gareth Cole (AUS), Terah Kathryn Collins (USA), Enzo Cozzi (Chile), Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis (USA), Eric Dowsett (AUS), Karen Erickson (USA), Melanie Ferreira (USA), Doris Fortwengel (Germany), Sylvia Galleguillos (Chile), Leslie Goldman (USA), Barry Gordon (USA), Roger Green (NZ), Martin Gray (USA), Susan Haifleigh (USA), Peter Holmes (USA), Christan Hummel (USA), Marina Lighthouse (USA), Carol Hyder (USA), Jain (AUS), Yasha Jampolsky (USA), Vic Ketis (AUS), Dak Kopec (USA), Christian Kyriacou (UK), Meihwa Lin (USA), Mei Jin Lu (USA), Evana Maggiore (USA), Patricia Michael (USA), Cynthia Murray (USA), Robert Nations (USA), Riki Newell (USA), Jonathan Ng (China-USA), Lyn Palmer (USA), Victoria Phillips (AUS), Steven Post (USA), Marta Povo (Spain), Joanna Cruz Rehaag (Costa Rica), Ronald Quinn (USA), Dr. Rob (USA), Bruce Rosenblum (USA), Robert Sachs (USA), Sara Schroerlucke (USA), Stephen Scott (USA), Mary Shurtleff (USA), Kailyn Skye (USA), Alex Stark (USA), Edgar Sung (USA), Elliot Tanzer (USA), Jeannie Tower (USA), Marolyn Toule (USA), David Twicken (USA), Linda Varone (USA), Janus Welton (USA), Seann Xenja (USA), Holly Ziegler (USA)

Click here for photos and bios of the presenters.

Hotel Booking and Travel

The venue is absolutely fantastic, right on the beach, all rooms with natural light. Described as one of the best venues in the USA to hold a conference. We have negotiated greatly reduced prices for the hotel accommodation and are organising along with the Hiltons Chef luches featuring locally grown produce.

In addition to the joy of being in this beautiful place with an amazing group of people, your friends and family will be entertained by the many reacreational opportunities, including: Seaworld closeby, the world famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park home to many museums and gardens, swimming, wine tasting and much more.

This will be the 6th International Feng Shui and Ecology Conference sponsored by Roger Green (Prague, Melbourne, New England, Zurich, San Luis Obispo are the previous). Pre and post workshops and vendor tables are also available.

Don't miss out, so please BOOK early!
Email: conference@fengshuiseminars.com
Phone: 1-917 969 9989

If you would like to inquire into early payment discounts on vendor space, please email rogergreen@fengshuiseminars.com ASAP.

If you would like to find others to share a room and ride, please join the Feng Shui Conference 2005 yahoogroups. You can post messages, and it's all easy to use. Just go to the group home page now:
Feng Shui Conference 2005 Room Share Group

Click here for more information on hotel booking and travel.

Conference Registration

The main 3-day conference is a reasonable price of $350
You can also attend one day of the conference for $120.
Two days of the conference is $240.

Meal Plan,
featuring locally-produced organic foods specially sourced by Leslie Goldman and prepared by Hilton chefs (click here to learn more) - $100.
Saturday Night Party,
with fire dancing - $55.
Pre- and post-workshops,
3-hour workshop - $75, full day 10-5pm - $150.

Click here to register online for our conference.

Or please send a check made payable to conference sponsor, Roger Green, by July 30th.

Roger Green
340 East 52nd St. Suite 6H
New York City, New York 10022

fax: 1-212-319-0080

For more information, please email us: conference@fengshuiseminars.com
or call us: 1-917-969-9989

Click here for more information on conference registration.

Testimonials from International Feng Shui Conference 2004

The sharing of ideas and different approaches, I loved the fact it was so diverse. Just an awesome selection of presenters. I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I couldn't decide which session to take - I wanted them all.
Robert Delvin, San Francisco, CA

Opening and closing ceremonies were inspiring, I enjoyed the variety of approaches.  I also appreciated the diversity of speakers and a refreshing emphasis on Sacred Geometry.
Linda Johnson, Sebastopol, CA

The broad range of topics covered by teachers from around the world really shows how global Feng Shui is.
Kathy Allen, San Francisco, CA

Getting to know Feng Shui practitioners from all over the world was great. The variety of speakers was excellent.
Tina Mac Lennan, San Ramon, CA

Wow!  It was the best organized conference I've attended. So much love and care.
Patricia Michael, Austin, TX

I enjoyed being exposed to lots of new ideas and new ways of thinking about our spaces, our health and our lives for us and for others. I really enjoyed Roger's Intro to Feng Shui.

Sherry Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

I was able to find things I wouldn't have known. I loved Jain's Vedic, Sacred Geometry and Quick Calc Math and the opportunity to meet and hear the incredible speakers.
Brenni Larson, Dallas, TX

Meeting all the speakers and people, finding a group of people with love and open hearts to share with the universe.

A L Theberge, Atascadero, CA

Some presenters just great, fabulous friends, and great networking.
Linda S Steinberg, Dallas, TX

Opening ceremonies was great. I came a long distance to see great speakers. So much love and knowledge shared. I am happy, well done Roger and all your team. God Bless.
Kaiser Shroff, London, UK  

Many things were wonderful - connecting with old and new friends, opportunity to experience new teachers and to find new paths of knowledge.

Michele Sayres, New York


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