Edited by Lisa Doust and Roger Green

If you were a skilled dowser, or 'ley line' healer, you might ask why you would need a scientist to tell you what you feel in your bones. And up until recently, there would have been little defence for a world of science in which there has been no clue as to why feeling actually exists in the bones.

'Magnetism: The Wind on Which Love Travels' was the title chosen for a new series of seminars I am undertaking with Australian Feng Shui expert Roger Green. Describing love as "magnetic wind going in to centre" may be a romantic yet scientific notion - and although this may not sound very humble, I believe I may be the one person on this planet who has come closest to providing a scientific description of what love might be.

Love appears to have much to do with the embedding (or nesting) operations that happen around the skillful heart's electro-magnetics when one chooses to do the turning inside out (compression symmetries) we commonly refer to as compassion. This shows up in the HeartTuner (the device I invented for measuring emotion in real time), as the EKG chooses musical key signatures based on Golden Mean PHYotaxes.

What this means is that there is a clear relationship between a change in pressure over time and the emotion of love. Put simply, if you do get magnetic-electric lines into the right geometry, you do appear to get a self-organising, centripedal, inward-rushing centring force.

Learning to turn inside out again and again (recursively) starts a 'dimpling operation' which gets so many tornados imploding into a common heart that a fusion-perfect centring force results. The reason this ability to self-refer

becomes self-organising is because the wave recursive adding and multiplying compression makes a continuous spin path through the speed of light and creates a way out for the inertia we refer to as 'mass'.

This ability to make a center of gravity by creating magnetism in a shape which dimples, recurs and implodes appears to be the very essence of implosion, artificial intelligence, the connection between charge and gravity and fusion.

In going about his job, let's suppose the dowser, or MAG(netic)ician, suddenly stirs up more spinning than he can steer. At this point he might appreciate some practical physics for plumbing up the wormholes in a non-destructive manner.

Let's investigate our dowser's wormhole vortex steering dilemma with one of my favourite teaching stories...

'The local Mayan shaman gets a test one day when given the task to go out from the local village and save it from an approaching tornado. He follows his shaman teacher's

instructions carefully and images inside his heart a picture of the FEELINGS of the TORNADO being magnetically sucked into his belly. His teacher called this 'Eating the

Hoocha' of the tornado (ie: eating the anger - the Sentic wave for anger =1/7, which is all unshareable or destructively interfering waves). By feeling magnetically for the feelings of the tornado better than it was able to feel for itself, the tornado 'falls in love' with the shaman, who succeeded in wave-embedding himself into the center of gravity of the tornado. By making a little picture inside his heart which was self-similar (or fractal) to the bigger picture of the shape of magnetism (ie: the feelings) of the tornado, the outside of the tornado fell in. If your were observing the student shaman's wave vortex operations, you would have seen the big twister begin to follow the young shaman around like a pet dog.'

Any good meteorologist will tell stories about how huge, 'killer' tornados actually appeared to intelligently steer around killing people. They clearly have an amount of

self-awareness which at some level becomes steerable.

Let us apply all this tornado-steering skill to your average dowser. Suppose you are the fixit dowser called in just after the expensive well driller just missed the water vein by a few inches. Your average dowser, upon being charged with the task to move an underground water veins, gets out his hammer and rods and begins banging the 'sonic piezoelectric' of the underground conductivity geometry - very much like a somewhat klutzy acupuncturist.

You are correct to assume that water follows magnetism follows conductivity follows symmetry - but in order to efficiently bend that line, you need to finish the KOAN. Magnetism follows Symmetry follows Embedding follows AWARENESS!


As a dowser, you understand that the skill to feel a magnetic field inside yourself is absolutely related to survival for all humans. This is because the ability to steer magnetism starts with the prehensile notion of feeling it. Step two is sorting out which parts of science are pure principle, and which parts are schizophrenic (separateness instead of oneness).

The useless aspects of physics and science that need to be thrown out as soon as enough physicists die from lack of knowledge of what life force is, to permit it, are:

1. Matter is separate from Spirit or Soul or Energy. (Matter is merely successful compression of charge or energy to the point where the amount of gyroscopic inertia becomes 'measureable'.)

2. The four Fundamental Forces - gravity, electromagnetic and strong and weak nuclear forces - are separate. (They are in fact connected.)

3. Science consists of proof. (The only proof any wave or person or equation ever needed to become immortal was the self-evident symmetry which allowed it to persist/sustain/become immortal - that is the self-organising nature of Life Force.)

The only physics you need is the physics which makes you self aware enough to 'be'. However, that does require a language of absolute precision; a language of PURE symmetry and PUR principle.

4. Physics says that DNA is a device to sequence CODONS to replicate proteins. That is not the case - DNA is a device for making the field effect necessary to compress CHARGE through the speed of light, enabling biological memory to become immortal/sustainable.

5. Scientists use certain words that you should translate to mean: "I, the scientist, am putting this word in here because this is a place where I am so afraid to say I don't know..." Words that fit this category generally include 'instinct', 'scalar' and 'zero point'. The problem is that every time you use a tool without knowledge of its pure principle, you join the borgs, the drones, the droids. And you die a little every time you let a physicist sell you the lie that all energy transactions move toward chaos (entropy) - merely because that physicist has no clue where the urge to self-organisation emanates through the speed of light. The fact is that focusing charge like a lens into the dimple which self-organizes is the very essence of feng shui and geomancy.



There is some physics and science you do require when dowsing:

1. Language capable of precision and detail (infinite multiple connectedness = fractal). Science calls this 'replicability'. It is important because perfect symmetry is what makes waves and ideas and people infinitely shareable.

2. The word PHYsics literally means the science of the cycles of PHI (PHY-cycle). This is pure principle. Science means literally 'to love to know'.

3. It's okay to use words like voltage and amperage and shortcuts to mean 'amount of pressure' versus 'amount of flo' in a universal compressible (like waves in air) background medium (ether).


It is important for dowsers not to get confused into thinking that by using some rods or pendulums they have measured something when they have measured nothing. However, when we correlate muscle strength (kinesiology) to coherence in the EKG, that is a measurement. This brings us closer to describing the relationship of coherence (in heart and mind) to GRABBING THE TORNADO (ie: your muscle voltages) BY THE THROAT. Coherence in EKG goes up when will has found what is shareable - electrically. Coherence is the body's lie detector as it is the difference between life and death for all of biology. Coherence is also the strength of your relationship to your muscles because it is how your mind reaches and touches.

We can measure the force of attention by measuring the coherence of brain waves. Coherence is what Shaman and the Tai Chi masters learn, and their skill lies in being able to focus. And now that we can measure coherence in the EKG with new elegance, there is no excuse not to teach our kids how to steer tornados.

Our Earth regards magnetic flow as an information blood stream. Our power grid uses the Earth itself as a huge dump-path for hi-amperage information pollution. The cable companies provide a path for carrying the hi-amperage waste into the Earth in the form of magnetic noise, which causes the Earth to bleed. Nature never intended for our Earth to be a return path for billions of electrons looking for a way back to the generation plant.

If users were to measure the amperage of the wasted energy they were paying for going down into their ground rods, they might be more aware of the extent of electrical garbage poisoning the Earth grid and causing serious health problems for plants, animals and people. This is a global problem that deserves global attention.

If we take the time to learn how delicately the Earth grid is tuned, we might better serve our environment and literally save the Earth from suffering further.

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