Feng Shui Schools

Prague "The European School of Feng Shui"
San Francisco

Events in New York City


Sacred Geometry and Alchemy Event Of The Year, April 2 to 13, 2015

William Tara: Creating health and human ecology, Feb. 3-5, 2012
Alchemy Workshop in NYC November 19-20-21, 2011
Guided and taught by Aurelius Electrum, from Canada
INTENSIVE TRAINING in TAOIST Cooking and Natural Healing

Sacred Geometry and Architecture The Alchemy of Design With Michael Rice, May 14-17, 2010

The Tao of Geometry with Marnie Muller and Mark Hanf, 2010
Spring 2008 events
Learn a Taoist Blessing Ceremony For Purifying Your Space

Making the Elixirs of Longevity

Secrets of Inner Vitality - From The Inside Out
Macrobiotics and Human Ecology - A New Paradigm for Healthy Living

Feng Shui Training Modules

Janus Welton: How To Design Sustainable Living Environments
The Alchemy of Design, Sacred Geometry and Architecture
Patricia Michael: Principles of Successful Design
Space Clearing Workshop with Jean Haner
The Wisdom of Your Face
Mastering the I Ching - A Workshop with Lily Chung Ph. D.
The 4 Pillars Astrology Training Institute

Sacred Geometry Trainings

New York City Sacred Geometry Fest
Nature's Elegant Ratio and the Canon of the Human Body
Scott Olsen: The Golden Section, Natures greatest Secret
Robert Lawlor: An evening with Sacred Geometry author Robert Lawlor in New York
The Tao of Geometry with Marnie Muller and Mark Hanf

Breakthru-Technologies Conference

November 2009 Canada Conference

Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, and Ecology Conferences

sponsored by Roger Green

Alchemy of Prague 2018 Tour
South France Tour 2018
Alchemy of Prague 10-day Event 2016
The Alchemy of Prague and The Ancient Township of Kutna Hora
A Conference on the Island of Samothrace, Greece; Quest for The Mysteries of Antiquity, September, 2008
Esoteric Quest Conference - Granada, Spain, September 2007
International Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry Conference held in Budapest
International Feng Shui Conference - San Diego, CA 2005
International Feng Shui Conference - San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 2004
International Feng Shui Conference - Zurich 2001
Feng Shui & Ecology International Conference - Prague 1998
Feng Shui & Ecology International Conference - USA 1998


Study Tours

Germany's Rhine River Valley July 25 - August 3, 2017
Run Away To Iceland in 2017
An Esoteric Quest in the South of France, June 4-9, 2015
Southern France Study Tour 2014
South of France Tour 2008
China Study Tour 2006
Peru Study Tour 2006
Peru Study Tour 2005
China, Bhutan & Tibet Feng Shui Tour 2002
Kyoto, China, and Tibet October 2000
Feng Shui Study Tour - Kerala, India
Feng Shui Study Tour - China, Taiwan and Tibet 1999
Feng Shui Study Tour - India 1998
Feng Shui Study Tour - China 1996



The Heart of South France Mysteries, 2011
Renne le Chateau and Girona, 2011
Mystic Islands of Malta, 2011
Ireland Summer Retreat JUNE 11-17, 2010 with Michael Rice, Mastering Sacred Geometry Building
The Heart of South France Mysteries, May 21-28, 2010
South of France Retreat and Study Tour, July 1-8, 2009
Sweden Retreat 2007
Southern France Retreat 2007
South of France Study Tour, 2006
California, New York, France 2005
Mexico seaside retreat, pyramid tour and Peru study tour 2003
Turkey 2003
USA 2001
South of France 2001
Dan Winters - Sacred Geometry Certificate course part 2
Mexico Pyramid Tour
Peru Study Tour