Bibliographic suggestions from Dan Winter
Compiled by Dan Winter

NB we do not deal in any of these books- you can trace/purchase them from your local bookseller or various website eg

Genesis of the Grail Kings by Gardner

Tuthankamon Prophecies by Maurice Cotterell

Codes of Light - Jessie Ayani

Embedability & the heart biofeedback by Dan Winter

Guardians of the Grail by Robert Morningsky

The Last Cry by Robert Ghostwolf

Stalking the Wild Pendulum* by Ben Bentov

Taking the Quantum Leap by Fred Wolf

Defending Sacred Ground by Alex Collier, Andromedan Perspective edited by Val Valerian

Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe* by Michael Schneider, ..,

Pandora's Box by Alex Christopher

Two Thirds by David Percy and David Myers, Aulis Press, London

Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey

The series by Zacharia Sitchin

Spiral Calendar by Carol Ann

Weather Engineering on the High Seas by Trevor Constable

Grail series summary:

Holy Blood
Holy Grail
Messianic Legacy
Temple and the Lodge
Sword and the Grail Holy Grail
Across the Atlantic
Pandora's Box
Bloodline of the Holy Grail
Genisis Genesset His Holy Place
Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
Starseed: The Third Millineum by Ken Carey
The Way of the Scout by Tom Brown Jr. (The Tracker and others in series)
Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln
Temple & The Lodge
Messianic Legacy
Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Wiliamson
Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
Urban Shaman by Dr Kahil King
Nothing in this Book is True, but it's Exactly the Way Things Are by Bob Frissell
Mutant Message by Marlo Morgan
Monuments on Mars by Richard Hogland
Anti Gravity & the Earth Grid by David Hatcher
Childress Fruitful Darkness by Joan Halifax