Glossary of terms by Dan Winter
Compiled by Dan Winter

NOTE: We have provided a printable 2 page summary (in pdf) of the main glossary terms with some graphics to be used as a handout : check to see if the resolution is htt://

Shareable - able by nature to be distributable.., in the psychological sense - an emotion which could be shared 'non-destructively' as in perhaps a very universal perspective, and in the related physical sense a wave form which by it's nature could be passed without resistance among all the rest of the waves of the universe... in essence: pure symmetry. Note this requirement to reach essence and shareability seems to imply necessarily: perfect compressibility!

Anu - ultimate subatomic particle, depicted originally clairvoyantly in theosophy, (a 5 spin inside, 7 spin outside perfect little heart shaped 'slip knot") latter seemingly justified to current subatomic physics in Phillips work: , morphically resonant (identical?) to human heart, and heart of the sun PURE SHAPE.

Slipknot - knot theory becomes consciousness theory as recursion learns to hold a wave shape.. "Kauffman" work Univ Chicago,etc. Essentially if you can see the wave shape as a boy scout variety sustainable slip knot, chances are you have the chutzpah to do it with the ethers in your heart to so create matter out of light: "slip (k)not cosmic donut maker". (Most people know what a slip knot is, however knot theory becomes profound pure wave principle of creation when we understand that this is how waves get enough of themselves going into rotation to store inertia - the ONLY way to CREATE mass... or ANYthing!).

Morphic- Resonance- Resonance or information inertia transfer among wave systems which is enabled principly or purely by SIMILARITY OF SHAPE ALONE.. (Made famous by Rupert Sheldrake, etc.). For example there is good physics to the witch creating the right kind of doll to effect a human of the same shape. Or a zodiac map of Orion having the shape of major architecture on Giza, causing a bleed thru of powerful energy.. (across spectra.).

Sub atomic level - smaller than atoms. (Referring mostly in sacred geometry studies to pure geometric models of the symmetries which link bosons - items inside the nucleus. Chemist Moon for example at Univ. Chicago showing the parts inside the nucleus arrange themselves like the platonic solids, even like the shells of the electrons...)

Fusion - point at which many waves can come to phase lock at one "node" / foci. There ALL is sorted. The potential to gather more than 3 oscillating wave systems up to infinite numbers come to ONE point - perfect FUSION - seems to depend on PHI / Golden Ratio wave ratios.

Genetic Memory - In sacred geometrics here, emphasis is on memory in genes as storeable BECAUSE fusion / implosion in DNA 'dodecahedral' perfect Golden Mean PACKING, creates VERY SHAREABLE WAVES. Think of a lightning bolt down the center zipper of blissful / ensouled genetic material able to keep constant modem contact with the morphic resonance of the whole genome central internet library. Perfect relaxion into embedding yielding hi 'baud' (info density transfer) rate to collective mind.

Squeeze - dynamics of all wave systems (all creation), seems to be rigorously describeable as pressure changes in a unversal 'jello' (ether). So how the pattern of "good squeezins" among those waves becomes cookbook to create ANYTHING. Examples: emotion is shape of hug / squeeze . Voltage is another name for pressure/tension electrically - the squeeze. Surviving death or black hole insertion or time travel seems to be simply arranging your wave to be able to survive squeezing with no destruction .. (see also 'scale invariance', & ../scaleinvariant ). Key implication here: WHY is shared compassion IDENTICAL to perfect compression.

Sustainable Wave - patterns among waves (in other words everything that is), which by virtue of symmetry - keep on waving / last forever. Sustainability in architecture for example, ultimately is a pure symmetry issue of how to make ALL structural interference NON-destructive. (Clearly points to self-embedding as the ONLY way archtecture OR data EVER become perfectly compressible and THEREFORE sustainable.)

Charge Radiant - when the emission path for charge or capacitance (or sound or light or.... any spectra).. look like the Sufi heart within heart with wings (see animation), the radiance of that charge can continue forever with no inherent resistance. Acheiving this 'perfect INSIDE is the OUTSIDE', as the mechanism of bliss, is a teachable SYMMETRY skill in how the heart learns to shape it's field. Here fabricating perfect IMPLOSION makes a fire that consumes only what is NOT shareable, and becomes the PHIRE mind 'inhabits'. When you see someone radiant, think: 'was it great caring about others' that lit the fire which sustained itself? How is the electrical solution to radiance the SAME as the psychological one?

To Inhabit: To RECURrently reenter as a wave. "Breath" of el-eye-PHI. (Similar to - to be able to self refer and thus recur.)

Ensoulment - in my view, clearly DNA makes a worm thru light speed up its core zipper. This is an important descriptor of whether memory will survive death, or dream entry, or shamanic journey. I believe soon we will understand a relationship between implosion hygiene in DNA that knows bliss, and what creates that connection to lightning's wormhole, and what religion calls SOUL. (really means: SOL - as in - having the GENETIC means to inhabit the SUN.)

Penetrate Stars - The same symmetry cookbook for waves getting 'screwed in right' to go thru stars, which were the glyphs in STARGATE movie, are the true Enochian alphabet. The gravity furnace in star cores is the only effective star entry slingshot available for gene/gland magnetics gone faster than light (souls). Once we know perfect recursion/embedding solves Einstein's dilemna of perfect implosion, we shall have the map to all heart's of gravity. Recommend keyword search on 'landscape zodiac' for examples of how star penetration is aided by magnetic maps on the land - sacred space as morphicly universal / archtypal.

Phonon Ponytail - when sound travels in liquid it is call a phonon wave. When the heart sounds trails thru living cells it leaves eddy's in the liquid current which are literally the decision tree for DNA braiding.. which looks like a loving pony tail, when there is love. DNA's decision tree selecting which codons get access to replicate, is therefore literally a (n emotional) matter of the HEART! Morphology - SHAPE ology. Morph also means to CHANGE shape.. shape 'shifting'. In our unified field cosmology we say since everything is made of the same universal substance, SHAPE (morphology) is the ONLY thing we have EVER had the privelege of NAMING. (Important to remember when you start understanding how the hearts philosopher's stone turns other atoms into gold. / biological transmutation is at heart limited only by the steerage INTENTION provides to waves!)

Vorticity - The study of what happens to all waves shortly after you pull the plug in your bathtub: a vortex forms. The shape of where each molecule goes in a path down the vortex throat is a rich study in ' how vorticity TRANSLATES movement' from a line in one plane to a circle in a perpendicular one. The perfect way to do this is GOLDEN MEAN ("yellow brick road to oz") and in my view originates the fine structure constant. Unpacking - only certain shapes can unfold perfectly forever - consult a rose for details, then steer your heart accordingly?

Gene Pools - Everyone into the POOL, the water's fine. The ocean accepts all rivers, but sets the final level. Because DNA is so implosive, it operates informationally within planetary gravity bubbles like ours, from a common library core. This is particularly true when enough relaxation happens to embed and ground.

Fractality - Amount of self-similarity. When the pattern inside is self similar to the pattern outside. Then the pattern can RECUR and recur and recur. Example: heart within heart valentine eternal zoom. Example 2: Fern tree looks like 1 branch looks like 1 leaf looks like 1 leaf tip, looks like....

Compassion / Compression - Getting the information pattern of a feeling outside your body to share a space non-destructively with an electrical feeling INSIDE your body, becomes ultimately (& 'topologically inside out'), a simple problem of perfect COMPRESSION. It is thrilling that we can now TEACH that - when HEART harmonics create the 'embedable' Golden Mean harmonics at BLISS / compassion moments!

Coherence - In a laser, when the light waves all get 'columnated' like soldiers walking in step. Makes them more able to travel further together since they lose less 'spin' on the way. Heart's get electrically COHERENT when emotion gets COHERENT. Heart feedback (2nd order frequency signatures) measure and teach this skill. ('Little Johnny you stay in the corner until your heart harmonic shows you have become coherent - emotionally intelligent- again' ) discussion:

Chaos - what happens when waves have no boundary conditions. (disorder / opposite of awareness / unable to recur). Versus:

Fractality - what happens when waves survive the ultimate boundary condition - infinite compression. (same as awareness / able to recur).

"Blue fire": the collected cellular accumulations of coherent ultra-violet or blue light. Because this blue light drives DNA and mediates the most orderly metabolism, it is in a sense an ultimate product of cell biology. When gathered among glands for whole body process or massage, this blue fire becomes the stuff of eros, orgone, and sexuality. Attention/ foreplay/ massage gathers it like a snake charmed, first to the glands around the base of the spine, the so called "blue dish" . Then, if the base of the spine is open, and properly tilted, and if the heart and gland sonics are massaging the envelope sonically, they can be pumped up the spine like a straw, exploding sweetness and growth into the upper brain and crown chakra. In addition to a sweet reward natural feedback, this precipitates a field which feeds coherent nutrient to the larger Earth grid..

Braiding: in the sense of your lovers pony tail, only certain wave(weave)lengths will fit upon the length of the tail compared to the number of hairs. If the number of weaves fit the nest, then you may be able to braid the braid... of the braid. Each time a much longer wave is nested in a disciplined or "phase locked" fashion. On biological surfaces, this means that the information of worlds of much larger size can reach their inertia into the biology which has found a way to integrate or contain wavelengths the size of... whole glands or even continents.. into living cells. This is how emotions program DNA, and even Schumann resonance Earth waves get into trees, informing Earth's biomass of the needs of Earth as a ringing bell inviting tuning.

Ecstatic process: any activity centering mind into body and perception in such a way as to bring all awareness into the present. This results in a concentric wave nesting of the "fractal attractor" of attention. This phase locks or brings to focus at one point, waves of increasing cascades of different length. In quantum or wave terms, this engages the principle of self-organization among pressure waves which occurs whenever they are brought to focus. This is because in wave interference patterns drawn to the focal point attracted by symmetry, order self replicates, and disorder SELF-destructs. Ecstatic process uses the activities of symmetry making in the geometry of awareness, to get attention/awareness so focused or phase locked that worlds within worlds of wave length and "embodiment" converge to share inertia or mind. The symmetry or pattern making activity necessary to attract this critical "mass" of awareness or wave front centers is enacted in the human condition on rollercoasters, in dance and ritual, in sexuality, tantra and kundalini, etc. When we get a handle on the inertia centers of wave fields of increasing size, we can make our feelings felt in larger worlds. The wave geometry or shape of feelings, thus get leverage eventually upon whole bioregions, planets, ... longer waves. When we attempt to gain this symmetry making power among waves externally by adding symmetry to synapse withchemically induced ecstatcy we make certain sacrifices. Unable to fabricate our own ecstacy, we induce a fraction of the chemistry which normally just mediates instead of induces the superconduction in the brain. Brain coherence without the resonance linkage and pure intention to the larger mind, is like a top spun up without first balancing the spin point. Only the heart has enough symmetry to lock/touch the pressures and prepare the field. Human cells, and human cultures cannot survive without the informing context of disciplined ecstatic process. Formerly ecstacy was taught only by religion and cults. Now, as cancer and AIDS spread exactly where cultural ecstacy and ritual are forgotten, we must teach this outer and inner spiritual dance because the lives of our children depend on it.

Coherence: (Co-here-and-see). and coherent emotion. Same meaning in math, in hydronamics (wave theory), and in poetry: all the meanings or waves fit one nest in order. Suggestive of columnation, cascading, phase locking or phase discipline. Onset coherence in light is a laser, in emotion is a piezoelectric glandular mediated real felt motion ready to waltz up and down the ladder of wave ratio between worlds. There is a relationship between the poetic, the optical, the mathematical definitions of coherence. Further, it suggests our new technique of second order FFT (frequency signature OF the frequency signature), as a powerful way to access, measure, quantify, feedback, and teach COHERENCE. Consider the heart's distribution of voltage waves as if it were a simple light beam trying hard to become so powerful as to be worthy to be called "a laser". Then our question about measuring heart coherence becomes the same one as a laser optics physicist attempting to predict themoment at which a light beam became "coherent" enough to penentrate distances like a laser. The internal "coherence" or columnation of phases within the single beam would determine how penetrating was that beam.

So too with the heart. We know that the heart electricities effect the immune system and the environment. Therefore the more sustainable these heart "waves", the more effective in bending their environment. So we need a way to teach people to make their heart "waves" sustainable, that is: able to reach further without collapsing as waves. We provide this "heartlink" as a tool to measure this "coherence", and feed it back in such a way as to make it teachable.

The first peak of the second order FFT clearly rises animatedly as a persons heart coherence or heart harmonics rise in the first fft. The key step in realizing the technical meaning of the word coherece, in this regard, is to understand that a SINGLE wave or parameter in a technical sense, does not HAVE coherence. Note below, in the physics literature: definition of coherence:

"Coherence--A mathematical algorithm expressing a quantitative measure of the spatial or temporal relationships between two or more parameters. Simple coherence is the ratio of the square of the absolute magnitude of the cross spectral density function between two parameters and the product of the power spectral densities for each individual parameter. (For a generalized definition of coherence, including multiple and partial coherence, see Goodman, 1965.)" TWO parameters usually are COMPARED to talk about coherence. So, we could not describe the ekg as a wave as having coherence IF we think of it as a single parameter. However, if we were to consider each of the sine waves arranged in the complex series we call the frequency signature or power spectra or FFT ( of the heart voltage) , THEN we could talk about the COHERENCE BETWEEN those internal harmonics. THIS is indeed what I believe this second order frequency plot (fft) does for the heartlink. Specifically, that the height or amplitude of the first peak of that plot, is a measure of whether those harmonics of the first FFT are evenly spaced (OR LITERALLY PHASE DISCIPLINED or coherent). What indeed is powerful here is that this technique of taking the second order FFT OF ANY OSCILLATOR , now can be understood as a way to quantify the INTERNAL harmonic COHERENCE OF ANY OSCILLATOR. What happens practically, is that the second FFT CHECKS to see if the space or PHASE between the harmonics of the first FFT are even or disciplined. If yes, then the amplitude of the first peak of the second FFT MEASURES THAT PHASE COHERENCE. In effect, this becomes an elegant tool to quantify and teach coherence.

Embedability (Idealized Recursion): The ability of a short wave to embed or nest non destructively in a larger one. Similar to Fractality. See how this is IMMERSIVE, in the sense it allows one biological oscillator to enter another. To begin the process is SELF RE-Entry, optimized by PHI, the Golden Mean..

Similar to : Wave geometry which can SURVIVE COMPRESSION NON-DESCTRUCTIVELY. This is a geometric wave picture of empathy and compassion. To Inhabit is to Embed, which is the same as "getting inside of" in order to steer. This empathic path actually starts with the electricity of the heart LEARNING TO MAKE THE FRACTAL WHICH STARTS WITH THE ELECTRICAL DIMPLING OR TURNING INSIDE OUT.

Fractal (fractality/fractal attractor): when the small part of a pattern contains a miniature of the whole pattern, it is said to be self-embedded, or recursive. This kind of symmetry among waves, permit the long, to cascade right into the same pattern in the short wave, creating a cascade or vortex or attractor. This IS Ability to Embed; EMBEDABILITY, which is the wave mechanic skill to center yourself in a wave form and steer it= TO INHABIT. (mathematically identical to compassion/empathy)

The self-sameness of the symmetry of the nucleus to the symmetry of the electron shell, for example permits the scalar spin vortex "translation of vorticity"(turning from long to short wave) we call gravity. The inertia which passes inside out through center, gives us identified in the wave lengths out here, the illusion that gravity's cascade goes only one way. In reality what has been folded inside out into finer order in the center of atoms and planets, in the unified field of gravity's wave cascade, becomes the bloodstream passed between planets in erotic play. This self-same scalar wave cascade "fractal attractor" by symmetry, also makes up the field nesting we call consciousness, which is born of and defined by recursion itself. The more we are occupied in our attention by the at-first-in-principle of self-embedded IAM THAT I AM, the more the fields of consciousness nest and are leveraged by our "mind". The purpose of the ONENESS when present in one node of the hologram, draws the inertia of all to it. Thus true power is self-limiting by pure intention (or symmetry) inside itself.

Fractionation: (as opposite of fractality): when the order of a complex woven kind of self organizing.. anything.. is chopped up into little pieces... which all the kings horses and all the kings men can't put back together again. Your best picture has no meaning when rendered into little pieces. How can we be nourished after we chop up all the order in our grains and vegetables before we consume them. The long wave order IS the food. Apple sauce has no tingle, only biting into the whole apple adds that kind of spin to you. Among waves, spin is the only catchment for memory. The context of the long wave is not present after the air or the water is passed through a screen or a sieve. It becomes fractionated, unbraided, and lifeless. Fractionation in cultures is called: a-part-meant, and it occurs when the long magnetic grid braids of earth are chopped up by cities where geomancy and grid engineering are unknown. The skin of Earth becomes cancerous this way. Geometry of Pressure: since the unified field tells us of only one essentially compressible medium, then the universe is literally one contiguous folded surface and a "geometry of pressure". Tesla called voltage simply tension or pressure. Electromagnetic voltage modulates the three other supposed "separate" and "fundamental" forces of physics. (Even gravity becomes magnetic in the monopole- cascade by ratio). We should not permit our physics to fractionate our awareness into the schizophrenia of imagining more than one substance to our universe. No data ever truly supported the hypothesis that more than one compressible unified field existed in the universe. We can see and feel that we the medium, are the message.

Grok: in the sci-fi sense of to encounter an idea, surround it with your beingness of attention, "consume it's perspective", and understand it all at once "of a piece".. this is the "long wave" way of knowing, as opposed to atomized, piecemeal, fractionated dissections of knowing.. short waves.

Inertia: the tendancy for movement to continue in its path. We measure the amount of inertia stored by waves when persuaded by symmetry to go in circles, and we call this mass or matter.

Lo-phi (love). When the nest of electrical and sound pressure fields around the heart converge in golden mean ratio wave nests, then unlimited information transfer between worlds can cascade. Waves find this arithmetic and geometric heterodyne or beat note non-interference pattern, most touch permissive. EL-(the turn or phase shift) (in)LO-(frequnecy)PHI-(ratio). The PHI or golden mean ratio has been found in the frequency between harmonics of the heart at the moment of sending love, and (in the "Sentics" measurements of emotion) in the ratio of the moment of maximum pressure in the shape of the hug or squeeze you give to send love. The soft V sound in love suggests the fiveness from whose square root PHI is derived, and from which the wave softness or touchability of love radiates.

Recursion/Embeddedness/ Fractality: Suppose a short little wave would like to nest cozily and non-destructively on a larger carrier wave. The ratio of that "embedding" or braiding of a short on long wave would be something like the Phi-lotactic branching algorhythmn of tree ness. In fact the first fractals looked like fern trees. The ratio of a short wave which can best embed on a long is in Phi or Golden Mean proportion. This is the best nesting algorhythmn for waves to share spin non-destructively. In a computer program, a "do loop" which can nest inside another, inside another, infinitely, could produce infinite recursion, or self-iteration. Irving Dardik calls this expression of a turn inside a turn: "super-looping". In a geometric sense when pattern or foldedness can nest inside itself layer in layer, this becomes the fingerprint of fractality.

Non-Destructive Interference: As all waves or frequencies cross each other in the universe, they are not just ships passing in the night. Each time they truly cross paths and "share spin", they have kids. The making of children among waves is called (appropriately) "conjugal" relations. This means they coming into the touch or focus point for two waves, creates a continuous SYSTEM of interference. This is called "heterodyning" or beat note interference. What's neat is that each time waves do this crossing and touching, they must ADD each others wave lengths repeatedly, if the wave lengths of those children waves is to still fit the pattern of the wave nest and not fight. When the continuous repeated adding of the wave lengths is RECURSIVE (able to always RECUR), this effectively means that in addition to adding each others wave lengths (AND velocities), that the waves begin to both ADD AND MULTIPLY each other AT THE SAME TIME. This produces the perfection of this EMBEDDING OR NESTING, which is a BRANCHING PATTERN which is repeatedly PENT (re-pents), in all PHI RATIO. This PERFECT BRANCHING in all PHI ratio in NATURE is called "PHI-llotaxis, and it the way leaves unfold in plants based on the GOLDEN MEAN, to PERFECTLY SHARE the light. (Later this branch was called SCION, or the Priori de scion.. jon, john.. perfect branching in the blood). So as all waves pack, they must arrange themselves into a symmetry (a pattern) where their inertia, their "nodes" do not cancel each other. In order to get the maximum number of wave nodes or peaks "nested" in ALL CONSTRUCTIVE interference, branching by GOLDEN MEAN ratio- ELIMINATES DESTRUCTIVE ADDING AND MULTIPLYING OF THOSE WAVES. The result is "in-PHI-knit" all CONSTRUCTIVE interference which in the long wave phi ratio (lo-phi wave) is CALLED: "permission to touch" for waves! Note that the wave form for love on the HeartLink and in the Sentic music literature appears to both use the GOLDEN RATIO interval.

Recursive or recursion: (see also non-destructive wave interference): When any system or wave is taught to re-enter itself in such a way that it keeps coming back to the same center point, that steerage for spin pattern, is said to be "able to recur". Thing of the little bit of magnetism coming out the top of your heart like a squeezed beet. When the magnetic squirt gun learns how to send the head of it's energy worm back down around the vortex donut in such a way that it is never lost on the spin path back into itself, it is then "self-embedded", or RECURSIVE. (See ANU/Heart/Heart of Sun 7/5 spin perfect implosion slop knot clairvoyance maps

This in-side out skill to steer a wave back into itself is also called SELF-reference. This is the wave geometry of self awareness. A golden mean spiral is the only way a wave can re-enter ITSELF non-destructively. So to re-cur and thus self-reenter self-aware, is the skill to make magnetism squirt into that perfect GOLDEN MEAN valentine.. the EM(bed)PATH.

Self-Not/Self: Has been used to describe the membrane of separateness or the cell wall or the human skin, which make up the immune system. As a wave mechanic, all dividing membranes are comprised of woven fields whose phase coherence or wave order determines how long till the bubble pops. Add spin and you add life to the bubble. The index to which spins can be added to the surface of a bubble, is which spins can be supoerposed on the surface of symmetry itself. Forests get a sonic skin when the bioacoustic habitat contains ALL frequencies. Emotions missing from the spectra of the cell membranes surface, tell us which wave length doorways are unlocked in the self-not self.

The Mathematical name for the principle that cell membrances are composed of only the waves which "make music"/phase lock, together, is called "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis". In human terms this means that membranes- self/not-self are neat woven blankets which occur when the waves of emotion/feeling nest in harmony. Practically, this means that if there is one harmonic missing from your voice ("Signature Sound Works"), or one harmonic missing from your brainwaves (Marty Wuttke/the end of addiction), or one emotion missing from your choice of what you can FEEL, then there is a hole in your blanket, or rather, cell membrance.

Self-Reference/Self-Awareness: You were getting angry, then you became aware, that you were AWARE you were getting angry... then you became aware that you were aware that you were aware.... you were getting angry. Each time you got outside youself to look at your self, you got more perspective or context in your understanding of your own anger. As a result you had more ability to steer the direction of your emotion with a large horizon of awareness. The only angle at which a wave can re-enter itself or refer to itself non-destructively is the phi spiral. This then is the optimal geometry of self reference or self awareness. It becomes measureable in the magnetic angle of the hearts "wings" at the moment of compassion or embedding. It becomes evident in the PHI harmonics of the brain and heart at the moments of peak awareness.