Tracey Stanton

Tracey Stanton

Tracey Stanton is one of only a handful of people in the world currently authorized to teach the Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing workshops of best selling author and Space Clearing Pioneer, Karen Kingston.

Tracey's love affair with Space Clearing began in 2002 when she visited Bali to take a series of workshops with Karen. Since then she has participated in and assisted Karen at numerous workshops and trainings in the US, Bali and the UK. She is at the forefront of the continuing evolution of new levels of Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing.

In addition Tracey has studied courses and workshops in Feng Shui with Roger Green, Denise Linn, Raymond Lo and Yvonne Teh Fong. She has been involved with the teachings of the Clairvision School, a school of advanced Meditation and Spirituality since 2002. This has been an ongoing source of inspiration and transformation. This subtle body building work has helped refine and develop her abilities to read and interpret energies in people and buildings. A daily meditator, Tracey spends 2 / 3 months a year in trainings and on retreat updating her skills and knowledge.

Tracey has been a full-time registered Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing practitioner since 2003. She has space cleared the homes and businesses of more than 350 people in the US, Canada, Asia, Australia and the UK.

Originally from the UK, Tracey lived in Singapore for 9 years, establishing a thriving Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing practice under the auspices of her company, Red Alchemy. She garnered media acclaim in numerous magazines, newspapers and TV programs. Red Alchemy moved to the East Coast of the US in Jan 2006.

Tracey has seen clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Seattle and Vancouver. She recently held a series of workshops at the New York Open Center.

A passionate and inspiring teacher, she combines a wonderfully fun approach to Clutter Clearing with the wisdom of years of experience conducting consultations in a wide variety of homes and businesses around the world.