Participants from past tours share their gratitude for the South of France Tour

Led by the magnificent Vincent Bridges and Dan Winter, this intensive journey touched the core of mind, body and spirit. Vincent's masterful historical knowledge and mystical depth brought sacred sites to life. Dan's high energy and information ignited the DNA of all the participants. We were on fire with the quest that beckoned us to Provence for the trip of a lifetime. Staying in a gorgeously restored chateau, the former home of Nostradamus' brother Bertrand, grounded us each night in loving luxury.  - Suzanne Gould

"This has been a sublime blend between the science of coherence, bliss and fractality with the lived life experience of all aspects of the program.  It turns out that this program has been a path of initiation as much as a teaching program.  I wholeheartedly recommend this inspirational seminar to all who feel the inclination to come."
- John Hare

"I could not say this because I was so emotional. I once had a dream of a beautiful planet and I have seen the realization potential with the group that has been manifested."
- Tibor

"I found this group lit a fire in me to realize bliss.  I thank Mother Earth for bringing this group together and may Mother Earth give the organizers a lot of energy to do many more such groups."
- C. Difesa

"Thank you for this extraordinary exciting trip. For me it was something to remember for all times to come. It was a wonderful group of people to share this special interest with and to discover so much more about life, and just 'to remember' and feel the powerful energy at these sites... It was a great experience, and so much in only ONE week!"
— Lina Wirgård Sweden

"This was one of the most inspiring courses I have attend. The mix of lecture and visiting Sacred places really makes the energy high all the time. I also appriciated to have different teachers with so different personality supplement each other. Meeting people from all over the world is also really stimulating. I do highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to strech there belief systems"
— Charlotta

"Thank you all for a rich, memorable, life-enhancing experience.  A wonderful team of exceptionally gifted facilitators with complementary talents.  One week encompassing so much. A gift to us all!  Thank you to: Dan, for his positive enthusiasm and expertise in presenting intricate concepts.  Valerie, whose finesse, local knowledge and gentle compassion, care and attention to detail was much appreciated.  Christian's quiet authority and expertise gave great support to the work.  Roger did a great job in effectively helping everyone to make the most of the time available."
— Anna



"I needed a week to gather myself and my thoughts after such a wonderfully expansive experience. Thank you for all your efforts in organizing, orchestrating and holding the focus for our week together learning, sightseeing, sharing new friendships and most of all expanding our worlds. It was also so wonderful to have such a multicultural group of people and see the world through eyes other than my own. I cannot wait to travel with you and your organization again and would be very comfortable recommending your sojourns to friends. My husband and I can't wait to sign up for Maca Picchu and look forward to hearing what is on tap for Hungary and future events in France. Dan and Valerie were loving and wonderful and I so appreciated hearing their perspectives. Thank you again."
— Eileen Ford

"Thank you for a marvelous week.  Everything was well organized.  The information was mind-blowing and the excursions and locations visited were unique to a retreat like this one, not to mention the wonderful experiences.  Thank you for a cuisine suitable for my gluten free diet and for taking the trouble to offer us healthy eating.  I need now to take stock of all I have learned and experienced and share it with my family and friends.  Thank you Roger, Dan and Valarie."
— Carmen Malta

"It was a wonderful experience.  The lectures were most informative.  The tours were interesting and exciting.  The food was excellent.  The organization was perfect.  Well done and keep it up."
— Carmen Sant

"Many thanks for a mind blowing workshop. Dan's energy and knowledge were great."
— Alfred Difesa


"A week in the South of France with Roger, Dan and Valerie where you grow, connect, journey to the stars, go deep into nature, feel her rhythms, history and future.  I had fun. With gratitude and love."
— Kay

"Wonderful combination of thought provoking lecture, interesting site visits and a dynamic spiritual international group."
— Joy Ginnow

"Great Week!  Please keep up the good work and organize more."
— Stephanie Mayes

"It is so inspiring to come together with such an interesting and enlightened group of people from around the world.  The trip was very well organized, allowing for the group dynamic.  See you next year."
— Melanie


"I must say it was a really enlightening week and I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly making a lot of new friendships.  There seemed to be a real feeling of unconditional love amongst everyone.

Two most interesting experiences happened to me.  The first was when we were discussing the Blue Dragon with her egg representing eternal life and her spirit in the mountain.  I suddenly realised that these hills and mountains were burial grounds for dragons and whilst explaining this to Dan a butterly with vivid blue wings landed on my nose and stayed there for about 30 seconds.  The butterly is of course about transformation and it seems to me that the dragon ch'i talked about in Chinese philosophy is a lot more real than we might otherwise have realised.

However, perhaps the most important experience was finding the secret of Rennes le chateau.  This occurred on the Friday after the official course was over and Jimmy Pennington found it by dowsing.  We sat in Sauniere's original library and supposedly his office in the gardens next to the church.  This was where his body was laid out after his death prior to burial.  There is a massive vortex of energy which has something to do with the cistern beneath and both of us found our cundalini energy being blasted out of our crown chakra and receiving a feeling of real enlightenment.  Obviously this is the real secret of Rennes le chateau - it is a real power point plainly used by past civilisations. Thanks for an excellent trip."

"The sacred geometry experience was astonishing and expanded my base of reference exponentially every day.  It far exceeded expectations and I'm glowing just thinking about our fabulous experiences."
— Gayle Miller

"What a marvelous week of fun and learning in the storied lands of southern France!  I thoroughly enjoyed every day and especially valued the chance to meet with people from a variety of countries to share life experiences and knowledge on a wide assortment of topics.  I liked the peaceful setting of our hotel and felt well cared for by our hosts.  I found myself wishing that our group wasn't split between two locations as the logistics of traveling between the two hotels sometimes limited stimulating conversations and comradery.
The surprise guests and local guides added zest to the teaching sessions and explorations.  I consider the chanting/toning work we did under the guidance of Christian to have been a valuable and integral part of the week's spiritual journey.  The chanting brought us together as a group and enabled a deeper interaction with the sacred sites we visited.  What a beautiful way to demonstrate how wholeness and unity can be extended to the outer world."
— Lon Smith