Edith Linder

Feng-Shui as Great Chance to a Global Wisdom
In English and Hungarian languages

SANDY HUMBY IPTIThe presentation shows Feng-Shui as means to better understand priorities, to think synthetically, to plan realistically(BaZi), to see our vital space as a small but significant part of a marvellously synchronized macrocosmic system.

Vital space has clearly a different dimension in our crowded Europe as in other parts of the World, but knowledge of Feng-Shui can be applied here as well, because this knowledge is about a generally valid 'common sense', respect towards the unalterable laws of nature, realistic evaluation of resources, about consciousness and consideration.

Widespread ability to evaluate the landscape around, to use Space clearing, Eight Mansions or Flying Star Charts can generate a state of mind which can change our lives, individually as well as globally, shared knowledge of Feng-Shui principles can lead to awareness towards a more profound way to go on about our everyday lives, our acquisitions, decisions and plans, based upon the acceptance that all of us share the same planet, like the parts of a body share the same well-being or illness.

About Edith Linder

Edith originated from Transylvania/Romania and came to live in Vienna 20 years ago and raised two children. She had been working as University lecturer for English and for the last 17 years as interpreter/translator for English, German, Hungarian, Romanian - and Moldavian.

She has been involved with Feng-Shui for over 10 years and recently published a series of "Do It Yourself"- Feng-Shui Workbooks -in German and Hungarian languages

Website: www.privileg-design.com