April 8, 2015 NEW YORK CITY

Montauk Trip

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Montauk bus



Wednesday April 8th
8.30 am to late
Depart in coach for a full day trip to MONTAUK $110

Venue for all events
Quest/Theosophical Society

240 East 53rd Street, Manhattan
Between 2nd- 3rd Ave, NYC NY 10022
Subway at Lexington/ 51st / 53rd/ trains 6, E, M
April 2-5 Michael Rice & KaraimiApril 6-7 & 10-13 Aurelius Electrum
April 8 MontaukApril 9-10 Brian Cotnoir


Depart Wednesday 8.30 am from 240 E 53rd Street

$110 Includes packed lunch, coach and lectures

Site of interesting speculation-along with the dozens of books and documentaries!

Montauk is a remote U.S. town located on the very eastern tip of Long Island, New York. High on a hill above the rocky waters of the Atlantic Ocean looms a giant rusted radar tower. It's a ghost relic of the past.

It has been referred to as Area 51 east and in the 1970's the base was used for the secret esoteric work of the military (for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel, teleportation, remote viewing etc.).

The Montauk project is one of the oddest conspiracy theories going. Join a very interesting group of people on our pilgrimage to this enduring site.

Coach departs 8.30 for a full day tour with provided lunch (bring your own drinks). Late arrival back into NYC.

Bus to Montauk


Montauk Project Field Trip April 8th

YES-this is a Merry Pransters BUS we are using (true picture)

Participants welcome to bring funny hats and coats

Join us for a fun day out!

For those new to the Montauk Project, view the youtube overview here with Preston Nichols and Duncan.

Duncan CameronOur Teacher Duncan Cameron

During the trip Duncan will share some of his memories about the Montauk project/Philadelphia experiment and answer subsequent questions. He will teach participants his unique perspective about Relative Interactive Positioning, Energy fields, Guardians, and Electro Magnetic Frequencies.

Participants will have a chance to practice detecting energy fields and will learn to release accumulated patterns contained withing those fields. Duncan fondly calls this technique "Zapping" and it has wide ranging applications that can benefit us around the clock.

Duncan Cameron's Bio

Duncan Cameron is best known for being himself and the enigmatic time-traveler of the Montauk Project. Duncan is a born empath and seer whose abilities include scanning and interpreting the underlying reality matrix that coheres this and other dimensions.

In the 1970's and 80's, Duncan was the subject of a number of research projects initiated by the military industrial complex and its shadow groups. They probed into the relationships between science, spirituality, sexuality, and magic.

Duncan's psychic signature was used to bend space/time by sitting in a consciousness amplification device known as the Montauk Chair. This enabled the creation of a fixed time loop between the Philadelphia Experiment on Aug. 12th, 1943 and the Montauk Project on Aug. 12th, 1983.

In one crucial experiment, Duncan was exposed to the simulation of an atomic explosion. Duncan's psyche expanded dismantling the protective layers of his mind. His focused awareness became one with the greater field of consciousness and aligned itself to his surroundings. The linear sequence of time changed. Space infolded and events happened synchronously.

Duncan's current research focuses on the interplay of energetic field effects. Most people use force to accomplish a task.

When one learns to follow the natural flow of the universe a more efficient use of energy becomes available. Consequently the energetic debris field that follows any action is diminished, creating less karmic noise.




brochure of sacred geometry workshopSacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.

On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes.

Mother nature uses geometry everywhere you look, from the spirals of the nautilus shell, galaxies, sunflowers, snowflakes, flower petals, honeycombs and the deepest design of the smallest particles know to humanity!

Sacred Geometry is the modern bridge between Science, Physics and Spirituality.

It is described as the Architect of the Universe, the footprint of God, the design of the infinite.

Sacred geometry is used in the planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, and sacred art.

"Sacred Geometry has an intensely practical relevance to the creation of real beauty in the arts, to an architecture which brings harmony and inspiration to people's lives and to the development within the individual of a sense of balance which is, to my mind, the hallmark of a civilised person." -HRH The Prince of Wales

workshop details thumbnailThe study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein, such as the golden mean ratio.

Sacred Geometry embraces topics such as:

  • cosmological geometry,
  • resonant vibrations of natural forms,
  • DNA,
  • unified field,
  • fractals, (the part represents the whole),
  • music scales,
  • ancient calendars,
  • metaphysics,
  • Ecology,
  • Bio-Architecture,
  • mandalas,
  • near death experiences / successful dying,
  • universal languages/alphabet,
  • the five Platonic solids,
  • extraordinary numbers and shapes,
  • magnetic field healing,
  • tesla technologies,
  • cutting edge quantum physics,
  • Fibonacci Series,
  • Buckminster Fuller,
  • Alchemy and
  • the golden spiral.


"Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors." -Plato (c. 427 - 347 B.C.E.)

"It's a shame that children are exposed to numbers merely asquantities instead of qualities and characters with distinctpersonalities relating to each other in various patterns. If only they could see numbers and shapes as the ancients did, assymbols of principles available to teach us about the natural structure and process of the universe and to give us perspective on human nature."-Michael Schneider, A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe.

Geometry is One and Eternal,
Shining in the Mind of God.
That share in it accorded to men
Is one of the reasons that Man Is the Image of God.
--Johannes Kepler